Friday 28th June 2013- A letter to my future little passenger

Little baby to be…

Today your mummy went in for another operation to collect eggs that will hopefully one day result in you. Or one of your brothers or sisters.

This is not the first time she has had this surgery. In the past she has had disappointing results and complications that have seen her hospitalised and in fear of losing one or more of her ovaries. But this is the sacrifice she makes. To have you, her darling child, with her in this world. To love and care for you with the love of 1,000 mummies, the laughter of a comedy theatre in stitches, the protectiveness of a mother bear over her cubs and everything beautiful in this world that she can offer. Of course this goes without saying that your dad will provide this as well. Your parents are two extremely special people that we are privileged to have come to know.

They have accepted me- your tummy mummy- into their hearts and home and are treating my family as if it were theirs. Everything they are doing is to make sure that I am being looked after emotionally and physically as we embark on this journey to bring you to fruition- you give you life.

Everybody says that it takes a special kind of person to become a surrogate. I don’t think I am any more or less special than anyone else who has the capacity to give. But it does go both ways. Your parents are a special breed of people. Ones who have gone through so much heartbreak and tragedy. But they are positive, optimistic of the future and are so grateful that this process is available for them to access.

So no matter what happens throughout this process, little one, you are wanted. You are loved. You will have the most spectacular parents and they will have you for their child.

I already have love for you. Not the love of a mother, but the love of someone who, for the first part of your journey will nourish and carry you with everything she has to offer and then some more. I love you for what you are not yet, what you will be and what you will come to be.

I am your tummy mummy and you will be my passenger baby- protected and safe until delivered into your parents arms where they will care for and love you forevermore.

Stay patient little passenger to be, we will meet soon.


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