Friday 5th July 2013- Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers!

This week we spoke with the lawyer who will be representing us in our surrogacy arrangement. She was very thorough and asked “the tough questions”. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all when she asked them and took it as good practice for counselling! She also did the same to our IP’s. When it came hubby’s turn, he answered everything and then asked some tough ones of her! Good on him. God I love that man!

The lawyer reiterated one point in particular. She said that some people don’t realise that the baby will have the surrogate (and her partner, if relevant) on the birth certificate until the parentage order is approved and then the birth certificate will be changed. I already knew that. She also said that if anything happened to our IP’s or if they pulled out then it is our responsibility to take the baby. I told her that our IP’s have a will regarding who their child is to go with should something happen. I also said “yeah right, they will never NOT accept the baby!” but followed it up with the comment that if that did happen that we would look at our options. That’s all you can say!

So we have the clinic, we have the independent psych analysis lined up, we have blood tests done, embies on ice (they got 6!), the FS appointment and independent Ob assessments are done, the lawyer is organised….. now for the agonisingly long wait until the counselling starts!!


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