Monday 12th August 2013- We aren’t psychos!

Fridays session at the clinic went really well! We spoke a lot about our families, childhood, meeting each other (hubby and I) and conceiving/carrying/birthing/raising the kids. It was actually quite nice to reminisce about it all. We are lucky that there were not really any dark times for us both in the past or as we were growing up. Next stop at the clinic in a couple of weeks is the “legal” questions. That is the questions that the Patient Review Panel MUST receive answers to in the report that the clinic sends them. So this discussion is a little darker and talks about implications etc. Then in early September we have the group session. We are bringing the kids along as its smack bang their dinner time and we have no one to babysit. Our counsellor okayed it but did say she would need to find a bigger room…

Then came the Saturday Skype psych session. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. If it were a job interview I would say we had it in the bag!!!

As we had completed the questionnaire, all she wanted to really do was ask for a little clarification about some of the points. She felt we had answered her questions in a really detailed manner and that this assisted her greatly. I was thankful- the bloody thing took me 3 hours!
She asked for us to both describe our relationship in 3 words. And then our childhood in 3 words. Nice and on the spot without any notice or time to pre think. I liked it. Hubby said (in more than 3 words) that I was his best friend. Naw I love that man! Later he said…. “But I really meant best friends who have sex”. Of course honey. Next Skype is next week and we do it as a group, then she will send her report off to the clinic.

We received a draft of our legal report on Friday. I need to read through it and make sure all the information is correct. It looks pretty good at the first scan over so that is all for legals for us until the baby is born.

So if we can get the psych and legal reports back before the group session at the clinic, hopefully we can go to the Patient Review Panel in October instead of November! Fingers crossed! All we then have to do is wait until the twins turn 1 (early November) and then we are all set to have a transfer.

Oh, and the personality test results!!!

No surprises. It basically said that hubby and I are friendly, optimistic and nice people who like to see the good in people and who have goals set to achieve. It also said that we like to have a drink and a good time when we go out. Um, yeah! We have 3 kids. We never go out. Of course we will drink when we are out!! (Obviously not when pregnant of course) I read into that one that we like to have a good, fun time together, so nothing surprising there. We both showed no risk factors towards mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction.

Hubbys personality was that of a follower more than a leader. He tends to be shy and not want to be the centre of attention but isn’t rude and is friendly to others. That’s him in a nutshell. My personality was that more of a leader than a follower, I am okay with being the centre of attention and can “work a room”. I am friendly to others but don’t have time for people who I consider to be lazy (that wasn’t the word she used, I just cant remember her exact term!). That’s pretty much me in a nutshell too!


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