Monday 17th June 2013- The independent obstetrician makes his mark…

We had our appointment with the “guru” of multiple birth obstetricians this morning.

I had to go over my history again. He asked a few more questions than the FS. IP’s were in the room too this time. Not that it mattered one bit- I have no secrets from them, particularly when it comes to pregnancy. I want them to know EVERYTHING so that they are comfortable.


He said he would be only too happy to recommend me for surrogacy to the clinics board. In fact he has already sent the recommendation through and the appointment was 9.30am!

I must admit that I still had concerns about my weakened cervix when pregnant with the twins- as did my hubby. This Ob is the multiple births specialist- he knows about women’s bodies during and after carrying twins. His exact words were “virtually nil” chance of having a weakened cervix with a singleton after having it with the twins (phew). The major contributing factor to this was that I managed to keep the bubbas in until full term (full term for twins anyway). He said that I could still exercise during the pregnancy and best of all, we could still have sex. I think I heard a big sigh of relief from hubby on that one! No cervical stitch recommended but maybe some extra scans just to keep an eye on things. I really needed to hear that. I was feeling guilty that somehow it was my fault. That I worked too hard, that I exercised too much, that I overdid it. I didn’t. There is no way of telling if a weakened cervix will happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent it if it is going to happen!

I feel like we are on the right track. I feel like obstacles will be thrown at us if this is NOT the right thing to do. At this stage it all feels natural. It feels instinctive. It all feels RIGHT.


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