Wednesday 24th July 2013- The clinic (cue the music from jaws)

We went to the clinic this morning for our information session and it could not have gone better!  The head counsellor said that it really seemed like we had done all of our due diligence and were very level headed about the entire situation. She explained a little more about the process and she said that they can book some of our counselling sessions in as doubles so we dont need to travel into the city for so many which is a great relief. She didn’t say anything that we didn’t expect or that was surprising. She said that as soon as the entire process is complete, the only thing I would have to wait for was for the twins to turn 1 but anticipates that we will be submitting our information to the governmental review panel in November anyway so it probably wouldn’t matter. She said that if all goes to plan, we can decide to do a transfer (or possibly 2, depending on my cycle dates) before xmas or wait until afterwards.

Now I know I might be getting ahead of myself here and making a huge assumption that I will get a  after the first transfer but could you imagine what a wonderful Christmas gift it would be if we found out we were pregnant around Christmastime? The mind boggles just thinking about it. Lets just get through everything else first!!

So although it has been a tough week with sick babies and rascal toddlers, the sun is definitely shining now and the rest of the week will be all roses, rainbows, teddy bears and chocolate. I can feel it!!!

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