Wednesday 31st July- Are we psychopaths? I wonder….

On the weekend we had to fill out the independent psych analysis questionnaire. Lots of detail about us, our history, IP’s, how we met, what we think of them, what we think of ourselves, how we will deal with things and our communication etc. I had to complete it and then hubby has to fill in parts that pertain to him. It was nice to read in writing “I am proud that Renee is doing this and I will support her in any way I can”.  I think that took about 3 hours to complete and it was sent off on Monday. THEN our personality assessment papers came through. I am pretty sure none of us are psychopaths but some of the questions are designed to trick you so who knows what it will come back as!!! There were 344 questions, so that was another 1.5 hours. It was like we were having an exam and thank goodness that the kids were asleep cause you are supposed to do it without interruptions. Hubby grumbled about some of the questions but in the end I think he will be just as curious as I am about what the results will say!

Today IM and I toured our chosen hospital, looking at the private rooms and the birthing suites. They were so helpful and even though they had only done one surrogacy case before, had a detailed policy that we got a copy of. They basically said that they will do what they can to make us comfortable. They even said that in these circumstances, they will allow more people into the birthing suites which is lovely as they are usually strict about that!

Things are flowing along nicely!

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