Friday 11th October 2013- We have APPROVAL!!!!

Yesterday was our patient review panel hearing and we were officially APPROVED!!!!
It went so well. We took a trip into the city as a family. The twins had their first trip on a train and our toddler was so excited as she hasn’t been on one since she was a bubba. She asked “what’s dat noise?” every 2 minutes the whole way there as the train clicked, beeped, jolted, whirred and bumped its way into town. So cute but I’m not sure the other passengers were impressed!!
So we met IP’s at the swanky government building, had a hot chocolate and made our way upstairs. We got into the room and there was a chairperson, 5 other panel members, an administration person and our contact all sitting behind a long boardroom table. Very fancy. They got us to sit down as we introduced ourselves. Madam chairperson said that they had read over our application and just wanted to quickly hear about what got us to this stage. They didn’t need to know medical history etc, just a brief outline. IM spoke first. She got emotional and it was hard to keep myself composed. IF basically agreed with her. Then I spoke and just told them why I wanted to be their surrogate. Hubby told them that he agreed with me and supported me 100%. The cutest thing happened though. Our daughter wanted to play up while we were in there. She was sitting on Daddy’s lap and then said “I want to go to XXX (IM)”. So she ran over and sat on her knee to draw on some paper. We could see the ladies on the panel go “ahhhhh”. Couldn’t have been better timing if we planned it!!! So….. that took all of 5 minutes. We were asked to step outside and 30 seconds later we were called back in to say it had been approved. They said they would formulate the paperwork and we were then on our way! It literally took about 8 minutes. Must be a PRP record! So we had a cry and a celebration in the foyer and took some photos to commemorate the occasion.
We then had a quick lunch at a café and went our separate ways as IPs had important things to do back at their respective workplaces.

We got back home and it wasn’t until then that I realised how emotionally and mentally drained I was! I KNEW that we would get approved and I wasn’t in the slightest bit nervous at all! Maybe its because everything we have been working for has got us to this stage. Who knows! So we had a nap and then celebrated with fish and chips and cider for dinner!

So now we have contracts to sign on the 24th October and the absolutely agonising wait until transfer at the end of November! Plenty of time for gymming and eating and drinking lots of stuff that I cant when I am UTD!

I am feeling so thrilled for all of us…


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