Friday 13th September 2013- Counselling is DONE!


This morning took care of the last of the mandatory PRP questions and it only took an hour, thank goodness. IP’s last session is next week then the counsellor frantically writes her report in 2 days, posts it off to us and then we submit it all (must be originals) to the PRP before their 26th September deadline.
THEN we go to the panel on the 10th October. THEN we sign all the clinic docs on the 24th October. In between now and then, we go to the FS to get all the ins and outs about it all and I go off the pill. Assuming all is good, then I estimate a transfer sometime in the first 2 weeks of November!!!  I am hoping for everyone involved that it works out in that time frame. Then of course we hope and pray for a BFP!

My husband has been more than just a wonderful support to me over these past months, but just a brilliant man. I speak online to other surrogates who’s partners haven’t been as supportive and it really makes me grateful for what I have and the person he is. In particular, the father he is. And this I think is where it stems from. He wants this for our IP’s just as much as I do. And what a story to tell our kids- about love, need, support and giving.

I am feeling very blessed and thankful at the moment. Just one of those times when things just work. I hope we can continue this!!!


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