Monday 14th October 2013- Now we wait…

45 “sleeps” until transfer!

Well we are starting to come down from the high that was the PRP approval.

IP’s came around last night for dinner.  We were supposed to have an important chat about post birth but got side tracked. There has been a little talk amongst the surrogates lately about a lack of support from IP’s after the birth. In particular when a surrogate has had a CS. They are busy off being new parents, being sleep deprived, forgetting what day it is etc, that sometimes their surrogate has taken a back seat. Then their milk and that major rush of hormones comes in and there are tears etc. I don’t think this will happen to us but I want to be prepared nonetheless. I want a written plan of action for support after birth for 2 scenarios- vaginal birth and CS. We certainly have spoken about it in length but there have been a few other things come up recently that we both had not even considered so best to revisit- with the boys too so they are 100% informed and on-board.

We got an email from the FS just before she went on leave. Her response was a categorical NO that I had PCOS and a NO that it would affect the surrogacy/pregnancy in any way. Something I knew, but was good for IP’s to hear.

So not much is happening until the 24th October. We sign the docs at the clinic and then chat to the nurse about what happens when in terms of going off the pill and having a period, going on the other meds etc in prep for the transfer.

IP’s are taking our toddler for a sleep over at their place on Saturday night so that will be so much fun for her! And so much quieter for us!! I have a feeling they are going to spoil her rotten!


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