Monday 16th September 2013- Loving it!!!!

Things are moving along brilliantly!
We are definitely on track for finalising the clinic report by the end of this week for submission next week. Our counsellor has told us definitively that she will have it completed by Friday morning so we can look it over Friday afternoon just in case any amendments need to be made. We are all pretty excited.

I guess we can be thankful that we were persistent and organised because at the start we were told that there was NO way that we would even be able to consider a transfer before 2014. Just shows that persistence is the key. Not sure the clinic saw it as persistence, but that’s what I am going with!!  We definitely are a strong team. I am very much one of those people who has the “its quicker and easier to do it myself as it will be done right” mentality. This experience has really opened my eyes to what a team can achieve if they work really well together and all have that common goal in mind. If only my workplace was like that…

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