Monday 7th October 2013- Lots happened/happening

Been MIA lately!

What has happened since last time we “spoke”?!

*Warning- sensitive topic about conception*
I had a gynaecological pelvic scan. All looks good after the twins birth. My uterus hasn’t fallen out of my vagina which is a relief. Although I probably would have noticed that…. She did mention that it looked like I had PCOS cause I had lots of follicles. She asked me about other symptoms and I had none of those. I also had lots of hormone tests at the start of this journey and nothing came up abnormal so I don’t think that is the cause. She said it could just be me- no reason for it. I have conceived twins and also a quick conception for our first so maybe my ovaries just make lots of eggs? Who knows. And not something a lot of women want to read if they are having fertility issues but it is relevant to my journey so I have decided to note it in here. If it is just me, I will have to be VERY careful about using contraception in the future though…
So, we have emailed the FS and are just waiting to hear back from her about her thoughts regarding the results. IP’s are a little concerned but that’s to be expected.

We are all set for this Thursday’s PRP Assessment/hearing! I’m not even nervous! The stats go in our favour. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- no one who has reached the stage of a PRP assessment has ever had their surrogacy request rejected in VIC.




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