Wednesday 18th September 2013- Just a quickie!

IP’s had their final counselling this morning. All is on track.
The counsellor said that for this particular Patient Review Panel session that there are 3 surrogate applications being heard- and that’s just for our clinic!!
That’s unbelievable as usually they average one per month. Hopefully they can fit us all in!

Definitely off the pill this weekend when I am due to have my period. With a stern warning from the FS NOT to get pregnant!  IP’s already told me they will buy mountains of condoms if we need them. Yep we are that close…

Next week, the FS has booked us in for one whole hour of her time so we can go through the ins and outs of transfer. That’s great as she usually only sees patients for 15 mins at a time. An appt with the nurse has also been booked for when we sign the clinic documents. The FS said that she will do everything possible to have a transfer in Nov and really the only thing that will stop it is if my body doesn’t want to cooperate. Don’t think so- we are already having words….

Everything is just so cool at the moment! The universe- no raining on our parade, please!

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