Wednesday 21st August 2013- We have a PRP date!

So good news, we have got the Patient Review Panel (PRP) dates! All correspondence has to be submitted by us to the panel on or before the 26th September (all original copies of EVERYTHING). This allows the panel to make sure everything is there and request any additional information if needed. Then they meet on the 10th October. IP’s will be there and we can too if we want. I will decide a little closer to if I want to go. The board will approve the arrangement within 2 weeks of that date so it looks like early November (after the twins turn 1), we can have our first transfer!!! Its hard not to get too excited as things can still be delayed but WOW!
This is going to sound so bad, but I am looking forward to the transfer more than organising, cooking for, holding and cleaning up after a twin birthday party. Bad mum alert!!!  I always feel like all these people get invited and I am too busy to chat to them as much as I would like. We have big families…

Its fathers day coming up (plus hubbys birthday!), so I am secretly trying to get things organised for that. He needs the staples- socks, jocks, PJ’s and kids handprint items. I made a card for our IF with pics of our bubbas on it. I said inside that we would do all we could to have a baby in his arms by Father’s day next year and that even though his baby is in heaven, that doesn’t make him any less of a fantastic, amazing, wonderful father. We are also going to buy him some sparkling apple juice in bulk as its his favourite drink! I think he will appreciate it, even though it will be a really rough day for both him and IM.


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