Wednesday 25th September 2013- We have a transfer date!!!

Well the big pile of condoms will have to just sit and wait….

We went to see the FS on Monday. She said that PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) and lab availability is definitely going to put a stop to a natural thaw cycle. Basically, there is a limited window between me ovulating and doing the PGD in time for transfer. Basically, if I ovulate on a Sunday or when the lab is chock a block full, then we might have to wait until the following month if they cant test the embryos in time. So, I will be doing a medicated cycle which means pessaries and a couple of tabs each day until 10 weeks gestation. I can deal with that.

Soooooo, what that actually means is that we have been given a transfer date!!!
Very exciting! So its back on the pill for me and I am to keep taking the tabs (without a break for a period) until I am told to stop.

There was a little moment where IP’s had a panic, as the FS is going to be away on that transfer date. But in the end, their second fave doc (who has a reputation for being accurate and meticulous) said he would be more than happy to do the transfer which is great news! Next Tuesday I have to go and have an ultrasound on my ladybits (hello dildo-cam) to make sure that they are still in super-duper baby carrying condition. FS says no reason why they wouldn’t be, just a procedural thing.

The application to the PRP was officially handed in on Monday! Yesterday we got an email to say that we are definitely going to be assessed on the 10th October. We were a little worried, as our clinic alone in Melb has 3 surrogacy cases (incl ours) all being reviewed on that day. That’s not including the other clinics and if they have any surrogates. Usually they average 2 every 3 months! Lots going on for the PRP!! 2 weeks after the 10th, we have the contract signing at the clinic and the nurse visit. She will explain everything that happens throughout the process. Then I will have pre-set dates for blood tests, scans, going off the pill etc as we come up to the end of November! Wowo!

I am hoping and praying for a  the first time. PGD gives us so much more chance of it, as it reduces the miscarriage rate of the embryo to below 5%. I just so want our IP’s to have something to hold on to and cherish over Christmas. I know a baby growing in someone else’s belly isn’t the same as having your own bubba in your arms over the festive season, but being pregnant would be much better than a BFN .


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