Friday 22nd November 2013- Spotting. Crap, bugger, bum!!!

Things are still plodding along but today hit a bit of a potential speed bump. I had some minor spotting when I went to the loo. So of course I had a freak out, called the clinic ASAP and we worked out a plan of action. Keep en eye on it, start the pessaries as usual tomorrow but take 3 progynova a day instead of 2.
If I am still spotting overnight, the FS (bless his soul) will see us anytime on the weekend to do a scan and make the call whether we delay the cycle. We have to make the call on Sunday at the latest cause bubsicles are due to be defrosted on Monday! Its not uncommon and some of the ladies on my surro support group have experienced the same thing with an artificial cycle. The pessaries should slow it down, that’s their job.

So we just sit and wait. The call I made to IM was horrible but she took it in her stride. They are happy I called the clinic straight away.

Transfer will still be next week. You just watch!


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