Friday 25th October 2013- Signing clinic papers and seeing the nurse!

Off to the clinic we went…

We saw the nurse first. Very technical. They are going to send me a schedule but in a nutshell it will be:
-Continue taking the pill until I am told to come off it
-Day 5 of my bleed, start taking progynova tablets twice a day
-Also start on progesterone pessaries in there somewhere too- also twice a day
-Then have a scan at 10 days to check my lining. If its not thick enough, up the pills dosage

-If everything comes back good, IP’s embryos will be PGD tested and implanted!

We are still working with the timeline of the 28th November which is brilliant.

Then we scooted off to the counsellor for the official contract signing with the clinic. It was quick and easy and we were on our way!

So things are still progressing as planned as we hit 34 “sleeps” till transfer!



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