Monday 11th November 2013- On the pills….

17 sleeps and counting!!

I started on the Progynova tablets today. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. This will build up the lining of my uterus for optimal transfer conditions. I have to have a scan next week to check my lining and if it is not thick enough, take another pill per day. Transfer is still slated for the 28th November.

OMG what a fortnight!!!  Such a juxtaposition of emotions, for various reasons.

We had our 10 Year wedding anniversary night away. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! We got to sleep in, had the best dinner and King Kong was the best musical I have ever seen.  So nice to spend time as husband and wife instead of just mummy and daddy.

Then we had the twins first birthday and everything that went with that! It was quite emotional for me looking back at the first year. I found it wonderful, exciting yet lonely and isolating all at the same time. Really mixed feelings on it in comparison to looking back on the first year with our singleton bubba. It feels like we have passed through the tunnel and are out into the light and are now more confident in ourselves as parents and taking care of the kids, particularly outside of the house.

But their non sleeping and teething hasn’t helped one bit! We have had some rough nights, long periods up and not much we can do except snuggle and soothe. I pray for teeth breaking the surface sooner rather than later!!

After the kids party, I was struck down with my first and THE WORST case of tonsillitis ever. It even freaked out the doc as it started to close up my throat. I am still on so many meds for it and we thought it was going to affect my meds for the transfer. Luckily, if I cut down on the anti inflamms and the painkillers and kept up with the antibiotics, all would be well. Phew! There were a tense few days there until we got word back from the FS. I was so worried for all of us!

To add to everything, I also had my eyes fixed by laser eye surgery! They could squeeze me in before transfer as you cant have the procedure done when pregnant. Best thing ever! The procedure was really simple and straightforward and I love the results. Everything came to a head on the weekend though and the last few weeks just caught up with me! IPs came over and looked after the kids overnight and I had strict instructions NOT to get up! If there was an issue they would come get me. They did the washing, made meals, cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes and looked after the kids (hubby was away). They even got me a get well pack with moisturiser, face wash, crèmes, concealer, chocolates, face wipes and a nice card.

I think I am keeping them :-p

They said that anytime during pregnancy, if they need me to do that, they will come over and help. In the end, they had a pretty rough night with the kids but were thankful for the learning experience, even though they were tired!
I felt comfortable enough with them doing that as well and they did a great job. It allowed me to just perk up a little so that I could come back to work today. I still feel like crap but nothing like I would have if they had not have come over to help!

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