Monday 25th November 2013- Defrosting the bubsicles today!

Good news!

No more spotting, thank goodness. Started the pessaries on Saturday (3 times a day) and it is all going well. Transfer is still booked for Thursday.

Embies are being defrosted today and we will go from there.

I cant really explain my frame of mind at the moment. Sometimes I feel indifferent to it all, other times I feel so excited. Then I feel apprehensive- specifically, what happens if the embies don’t grow?! But at no time do I feel like this isn’t the right thing to do. Maybe that explains the feeling of indifference. Its not that I don’t care, its that I have no concerns about what I am doing. It almost feels natural. I can definitely feel the emotion coming from IP’s though. Lots more correspondence with lots of nice things being said about how they cant thank me enough, that I am so wonderful, amazing (insert more here) etc. Terms that DON’T sit well with me. I don’t like being told I am an angel (to me, angels are those who have passed!), or anything else for that matter. Don’t kiss my feet. Just be the best parents you can possibly be and nurture your child, letting them know of how they came to be and teach them about the value of giving to others. That’s all I ask.

I have no doubt that I will sleep well Wednesday night (besides the inevitable night feeds of course!).

This is me. I am a surrogate.


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