Wednesday 20th November 2013- I have a beautiful lining!

OK, a quick update from me!
Yesterday I had my scan to check the lining of my uterus (endometrium). It was “beautiful” according to the FS. I told him that people say that to me all the time…  9mm and perfect for transfer which is booked in for next Thursday, so only 8 sleeps to go!!! IP’s are thrilled. It was nice for them to hear all that as they were worried that because I was sick that we may have had to cancel. If we did, we wouldn’t be able to have a transfer until Feb due to the lab for PGD testing being booked up all through Dec and Jan. Phew!

So, I continue the progynova tabs 2 times a day and as of Sat, will have pessaries 3 times a day. The good news is that they have new ones out so I don’t have to lie down once they are inserted. Yay! 4 blood tests have been booked to test hormone levels etc and the pregnancy test is booked for the 7th Dec- the day after our anniversary!

I am feeling good and really excited about it all.

IP’s took the scan image of my uterus and are putting it in their baby book. So sweet but I am sure if you aren’t part of the surrogacy community you would think it was weird!

Not much else to tell. Still swamped with being busy. Bring on December. For us, things slow down a bit until just before xmas.


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