Monday 16th December 2013- Quick update before Christmas

Update from me- I am looking forward to 2014 with renewed hope and excitement. This year- for many reasons- has been tougher than any other in my whole life! But I don’t want to write it off or forget it. I want to use my experiences to grow and learn and know that I am stronger than I ever thought possible.

Things are still quiet with IP’s. I am taking it as a sign that they are still muddling their way through things. Every now and then I get paranoid thinking that maybe they think I have done something wrong and that’s why the transfer didn’t work, but I make sure those thoughts are fleeting and don’t let them get me down. I know and they know that we did as much as we could and made so many sacrifices to make this work.

My period is still here and after 6 days is still heavy, very painful and (TMI alert) lots of clots. I have to get another script for the pill and go on it when things slow down.
After xmas and our much anticipated family holiday to wonderful weather I will get back into things. Gym for a healthy mind and body, ease down on the inevitable over-consumption of booze during the holiday period and start looking at dates, times and options for moving forward.

Onwards and upwards, as they say. To everyone who has read my diary, sent words of encouragement, cried and laughed with me, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
To those who have received wonderful news, may 2014 be a year of miracles and amazement. To those who are still plodding along, you are in my thoughts and wishes and I hope with all my heart that 2014 is the year that your past tragedies become future triumphs and your path is paved to happiness.

From my family to yours, and with lots of love, xoxoxo


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