Friday 7th February 2014- The realities of being a surrogate

Some amusing things you might not realise when becoming a surrogate:

1. Be prepared that another man (or 2) will take great interest in your menstrual cycle and the health of your reproductive system. You will have to chat to him about it at some stage and quite often in lots of detail!

2. I can get pregnant with another mans child without having intercourse or any romantic relationship with him, all with the support of my husband! (On the day of our first transfer, IF sent hubby a text saying “good luck impregnating my wife today!”)

3. I can get pregnant with 5 people in a room, none of whom are my beloved (and at times, very patient) husband!

4. Another man who is not a medical person or my husband will be seeing my vagina.

5. A woman who is not related to me or a medical person will be seeing my vagina.

6. I have had a conversation with another guy (IF) about his testicles. A detailed conversation. (He had surgery and there were potential implications to our surrogacy arrangement, so therefore needed to be discussed!)

7. You will talk about weird and unusual things with your IP friends that you would never in 1,000,000 years discuss with any other of your other friends. Things like where to insert pessaries, how your uterus looks on an ultrasound, that you are spotting and what it looks like etc.

8. You may need a needle or 2 in your bum in full view of your IP’s. I figure, hey a bit of bum cheek is okay given what is coming up. Best to slowly remove your dignity over time!

9. You will have instruments shoved up you (more than once) with a FS chatting about your vagina and uterus while your IPs sit on the other side of a curtain.

But is it all worth it? Absolutely! Its what I signed up for and we ALWAYS look at the funny side of things.



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