Monday 17th February 2014- The process is beginning again- Less than 2 weeks till transfer!

Why does everything have to happen all at once?!

I think my diary is full this week, no room to breathe, no room for errors or delays! Doctors appointments (not surrogacy related), FS scan, a day course in the city, family wedding, work. Ugh!

Last week I started on the meds to build up my lining. I get this checked in 2 days and then start on the pessaries next week. Then bring on the 1st March I say!

We haven’t really been telling many family members about it this time. They know that its sometime in March but they don’t know the date. We are just approaching it with a different frame of mind. I know after our negative that there is always the possibility of it happening again. I don’t WANT it to happen again but if it does, I will definitely handle it in a different way. But that doesn’t mean I will be doing anything differently in terms of sending all I have to this child to be, talking to them, telling them how much they are loved and wanted.

I think with realism comes clarity. My mind and body feel more serene, more ready, more prepared. It feels like the entire planet is pregnant at the moment. I cant wait to join them!



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