Wednesday 26th February 2014- It’s the final countdown (again)! You sang that in your head, didnt you?

The clock isn’t changing time. I keep looking at it, looking away, looking back to it and its still the same bloody time!

Normally I don’t like to wish time away but I must admit, I just want to get to this transfer. I want the embies to be safe and sound and most of all, have survived to at least see my uterine digs where hopefully it will decide it wants to live for the next 9 months!

Now I want to tell you a funny story. It comes with a TMI alert, for those queasy ones amongst us.

I am going to talk pessaries.

I am on 4 a day that have to be inserted morning and night. And I don’t like them. In fact, I hate them with a passion! We decided to give pessaries a go after my levels dropped at last transfer. I have been on inserted tablets and creams, so this is the next progression. I think the FS wanted to avoid injections.

The other day (my first day on the pessaries), I completely forgot to bring another pair of undies to work with me. (If you don’t know, pessaries are greasy, messy things!) After doing drop off with the kids, I was well and truly squelchy “down there”. I went to the loo at work and the pessary “mess” had decided it didn’t want to be confined to just my liner. So my undies are oily all over and of course, the next liner doesn’t want to stick to it!
So the next time I go to the loo, the liner is escaping via my arse crack.
The next time after that I go to the loo, it has folded itself up and is stuck to me instead of my undies. That will make waxing cheaper next time I go…
THEN the next time, I get to the loo just as the bloody thing is sliding down my leg. That would have been embarrassing if it had have fell out 30 seconds earlier as I was in the bosses office!


First world problems of course, but after 3 days and many a liner, underwear and in some cases, clothing change, I had had enough. So much so that I am speaking to our clinic FS this afternoon about having the injections weekly instead. It will be so much easier (and cleaner). I think its compounded by the fact that I am on so many a day. I don’t think the FS will say no. I know some people hate needles but I am not one of them and will happily flash a bum cheek to get a jab in order to avoid “embarrassing noises” every time I rise from my chair.


So we just play the waiting game and eventually we will get to Saturday.

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