Friday 21st March- Get a cuppa and settle in for an update!

Firstly, sorry, sorry, sorry for my lack of updates! These past weeks have been insane beyond belief.

It was yet another rollercoaster ride that we were on.

Here is a quick run down of everything that happened:

Wednesday 26th Feb- A significant number of 2 day embryos are getting defrosted. Yay, excitement!

Thursday 27th Feb- All but 1 have not survived the thaw. Devastation. A decision was made to not proceed with PGD (it would likely not survive) and let it grow to day 5.

Saturday 1st March- Embie looking good. Transfer is scheduled for first thing the next morning. Woo Hoo!

Sunday 2nd March- Little embie has really slowed with its growth. Oh No. Not really expanding and looking like an early day 6’er. FS gave us a 1 in 8 chance of success but still recommended we transfer. That day was full of mixed emotions. We were quite reserved throughout the transfer.


Then came the wait. I was still on gel in the morning, pessaries at night, tablets morning, noon and night and having 2 jabs a week of progesterone. My symptoms were all over the shop! Most could be attributed to the meds, so I was getting NOTHING and wasn’t POAS. We continued to wait…

Wednesday 12th March- Blood Test day- YAY!! The results felt like they were taking forever. I was convinced it hadn’t work and told IP’s just that. So we weren’t expecting anything. I got a call to say there was a reading- WHAT?! But it was low at HCG 67. They want it to be about 100. All I could think was “back on the effing rollercoaster”. It was a horrible limbo because you don’t know if the embie was a late implanter on his way in or it implanted but just couldn’t stick and was on its way out.

It was an agonising 3 day wait for the next blood test, but in between I did something naughty. I POAS. The results were promising. The lines appeared to get darker! This gave us a small chance, a sliver of hope to hold onto.


Saturday 15th March- Blood test groundhog day. Off to the clinic for another jab in the bum and some bloods taken. We needed a HCG result over 140 to show a good doubling time. The wait was again agony. IP’s dropped me back home and went home themselves to wait. Again, they took their sweet-arse time with our results. In the end I called them. I was waiting on hold with the clinic on one phone and messaging IP’s with another!

A nurse finally answered after 20 mins on hold then put me on hold again for another few minutes. The HCG result- 504!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I called IP’s and sobbing like there was no tomorrow I delivered them the news. They said “pardon?” about 5 times because they couldn’t believe the level! We were so excited and there we lived in a state of bliss for a couple of days.

Tuesday 18th March- It was 2am in the morning and I had a light bleed. I was up to our twin boy and noticed it when I went to the loo. A feeling of dread came over me. After consulting a well respected website online, I thought it best to go to hospital. So at about 2.30ish I had to make a phone call to IP’s to deliver the news. They were in the car straight away and met me at the ER. I was triaged and blood was taken to measure my HCG then we waited. And waited. And waited. TWO hours later we got called in. They wanted to do an internal. Everything looked fine- cervix was long and closed. It was probably just an irritation from the pessary insertion. AND HCG had SKYROCKETED to 2154! Wonderful news so we went home. IM came home with me and looked after the kids the next day while I rested. She was worth more than her weight in gold and was amazing.

That day we also had a scheduled appointment with my GP for my usual jab, a hospital referral and the “routine” pregnancy blood tests. We asked for another HCG just for the fun of it. And a progesterone level to see if it was still stable. With all of the tests, they took 5 vials. We had to wait again for the HCG and progesterone levels.

Thursday 20th March- FINALLY a call from the doctor- HCG 3290, not 9 hours after the last test- WOW! Progesterone was over 100. Great! IP’s were ecstatic.

So that brings us to today:

Friday 21st March- Scan day! Our FS wanted us to have a REALLY early scan. Just for peace of mind and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. It went amazingly well! We saw a sac and a yolk sac. We measured at 5 weeks, 0 days so it did appear that my little passenger was just a late implanter. IP’s were thrilled to bits. It has been years since they reached this stage. I was so happy for them and all of us together for what we had achieved so far. Another scan is booked for 2 weeks so we can see a heartbeat.


With all of the ups and downs, I can say that it FINALLY feels REALLY REAL! We have a due date of the 21st November, 2014. That’s a Friday. I like Fridays.

I want a boring pregnancy from here on in, please!

So, what next? We should get an appointment in a couple of weeks with our local hospital Family Birthing Centre. They are huge advocates of a natural birthing environment and will be really discrete and sensitive to our needs and situation, so that is great. I am to still continue the pessaries, gel, meds and injections until at least 10 weeks then will slowly wean off them.

Symptoms, you ask?

Well, let me give you a run down, now that they have really ramped up:

-Way sore boobies!

-Slight nausea as of this morning.

-LOTS of niggling, stretching, tugging and pulling in my lower abdomen from all those hormones!


-THE MOST SENSITIVE SENSE OF SMELL EVER! I can smell someone’s body odour from 50 metres away!

-A short, snappy fuse. Poor husband   😦


I am floating on cloud 9 right now!

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