Monday 31st March- Yay! :-) But awwwww :-(

Such a funny juxtaposition, pregnancy.

Symptoms are there to let you know your body is changing. To tell you that although there is something going on that you cant see, it still affects your body (and mind!) in a profound way. Its even more interesting when you throw another family into the mix with surrogacy. Describing symptoms is met with excitement because it means that things are still happening in my body and bubs is growing. But then come the sympathies that I have to endure the bad symptoms (morning sickness in particular). There are wishes that it could be taken away, or IM given it instead.

But I am lucky. Because unlike other “normal” (ugh, hate that word!) pregnancies, where families are left to battle on their own or with minimal support, I have the most amazing IP’s, who take time to care for our family, cooking meals, feeding kids and telling me to go back to bed! It is this help that makes me feel so, so supported in my journey. Not all IP’s are like that, or have the ability to do that (particularly if they are in another state). I couldn’t even begin to imagine how any IP’s must feel, knowing that someone else will have symptoms that they wont experience again, or will never experience at all. But that is what makes them brave. And so trusting of others to take on that for them, knowing that there will still be times of hurt, times of uncertainty and possibly even jealousy. Those are the unchartered waters that all IP’s go through with surrogates and vice versa. We will all think and feel different things!


Enough philosophising for me!

I am recovering from a terrible head cold that is sweeping through my office. Combining that with morning sickness means that I had my first vomit of the pregnancy last week! Yay! 🙂 But Awwww 😦 Things have settled down since the cold has been clearing which is good. So after feeling like death over the weekend I am perking up and looking forward to our heartbeat scan. THIS FRIDAY!!! I am so excited that this little passenger of mine will have a HB that we can hear and see. The clinic then class it as a “viable pregnancy” and we can be then passed on from the clinic to the hospital for our antenatal care. But we jumped the gun on this one! We have definitely been accepted into the Family Birthing model of care (also known as shared midwife care)! I got a call from our midwife, Kaz the other day to introduce herself. We will have continuity of care with her and a maximum of 2 other midwives throughout our pregnancy. At least one will attend our birth. Kaz was so excited to be part of our pregnancy and I know that she will provide the discretion that we need for a wonderful experience. If we went the standard model of midwife care, we would have a different midwife each time- Could you imagine having to explain the surrogacy EVERY appointment?! She has already approved another person in the delivery suite AND a birth photographer!!! She also said that some additional scans to check my cervix would be fine to have and that they have an obstetrician on call 24/7 if they need any assistance with anything. That is good comfort for our IP’s. Our appointments will be quick- 30 mins for the first one and 15 mins for subsequent appointments so she has given us her mobile number if we have any questions. She said she asks a lot of questions anyway that will give us responses to things we might have been asking.


So our upcoming special dates are a 12 week scan on the 9th May, then our first appointment with Kaz on the 20th May. By that stage I will be in the second trimester!!! (and hopefully off all meds…)


So my little passenger is 6 weeks old and the size of a pea. says:

“That little being growing inside you looks more like a fish, a tadpole or even a manatee than a human baby by week 6 of pregnancy.  In the days after conception, that little tadpole has been tightly curled up but this is the week baby’s trunk and neck start to grow and straighten and that fishy little tail recedes.

Baby now has an oversized head and dark spots where eyes and nostrils will form and there are tiny depressions on the side of the head that will emerge as ears. Baby’s heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute, almost twice as fast as yours! Baby’s heart beat can now be seen in an ultrasound. Blood is beginning to course through baby’s teeny body and there is the beginning of organs like a digestive system and lungs. 

Your baby’s limbs start to lengthen this week to form arms and then legs, with their hands and feet resembling little paddles, that will eventually become fingers and toes. Their internal organs are also taking shape, with stomach, kidneys and bowel now defined, as well as 2 small buds which will form into lungs. Just like grown-ups, embryos grow and develop at varying rates, but you can assume baby is roughly the size of a lentil or around half a centimetre.”


Stay tuned for an ultrasound update later this week!!

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