Friday 11th April 2014- An ode to fries…

We have hit week 8, historically when my morning sickness reaches its peak.

The nausea is unrelenting. From the moment I wake up till the moment I go to bed. And it is playing havoc with my body! One minute I need to eat like my life depends on it, other times the thought of ANY food makes me gag. I can cook an entire dinner then sit down and not want to eat it. I can scoff food like its going out of fashion (I still have no idea how an entire large pizza managed to be consumed within half an hour…) till I am bursting, then be hungry again half an hour later. Something I like to eat one minute, I hate the thought of eating the next.

But one thing has remained consistent and that is my love for hot chips.

Here is my “passionate ode to fries”

The thought of your warmth and salty taste gives me goosebumps. When we are together I smile.

The feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I am about to consume you is divine.

I want to go fast but know that the ecstasy can be extended if I just go slow.

The taste you leave on my lips gives me flashbacks of our time together, minutes after our embrace.

I want you more and more with each passing minute and cannot concentrate on anything else.

I will see you again at lunchtime, for our secret rendezvous. You are hot chips, fries and I love you.

(lol- yes I was always talking about the fries)

It feels nice though to know that these symptoms mean that bubs is healthy and growing. Its also funny that although he/she is not my blood or biological child that they can still cause the same yukky feelings!! I am confident and positive that I will start to feel better within the next month. Then I can get back to my usual healthier eating style!


My little passenger is the size of a raspberry this week and I have just noticed that I can feel my fundus above my pubic bone (that’s the top of my uterus, coming up into my tummy). Yay!! We are on the meds home stretch, with injections being spaced out to every 5 days and then weekly. They will stop at week 11. The from week 12 thru 13, I will reduce the remainder of my meds until I am no longer on them! The placenta will then be providing everything to keep the pregnancy chugging along nicely. I will need some blood tests in between that will make sure my progesterone levels are where they should be and if there are any concerns, I will pick the doses up again.


IP’s are off overseas this weekend for 1.5 weeks. They are volunteering at a children’s orphanage amongst other things. I think they will need an additional plane just to transport all of the donated items over there!! Its wonderful to see people pull together for such a wonderful cause. I will miss them though.

Over Easter we are off on a family holiday. I am praying that my MS eases enough for me to consume copious amounts of gorgeous Cadbury Easter chocolate. Yum. Although if I am not up to it, I think I have 3 little people who would happily eat it instead…


In week 8, lots is happening according to

“It’s nice to know your baby can no longer be mistaken for a sea creature!  As your little embryo has grown to around 1.5cm to 2.5cm this week, his tail (which is really the spinal cord) is likely to have receded and the upper and lower limbs have joints like elbows and knees, giving baby a distinctly more human appearance.

OK, so baby still has webbed fingers and toes poking out from his hands and feet but the webbing will be all gone by the time baby makes his way out of his cosy womb home to meet you.  Under baby’s thin covering of skin, he has a network of blood vessels pumping through his body.

Don’t expect your baby to resemble his parents quite yet (err, unless you have a disproportionately large head with buggy little eyes!). Right now, your tiny baby’s head makes up almost half his height and weight and there is a little tongue, nostrils and the tip of a developing nose. 

Baby’s arms and hands are growing faster than its legs and feet – and that’s a trend that continues after they have been born. Newborn babies grab objects with their hands due to their grasping reflex but won’t be able to walk on their legs until around a year old.

Your baby is beginning to move around, although you won’t be able to feel anything yet – after all, it’s only the size of a kidney bean! Most of baby’s internal organs are present in their basic form, including the heart, brain, liver, lungs and kidneys. Your baby’s skeleton is starting to form and their arms and legs are now longer. Bones are also beginning to ossify, with baby previously made up of soft cartilage.”




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