Tuesday 22nd April- 9 weeks and feeling icky

Ok, so I have been slack in updating cause of Easter. And cause I have been sick, sick, sick! Not just with MS, but with some awful illnesses that the kids have passed on to me! Chest cold, headaches, head full of snot, coughing galore, upset tummy. You name it. And when I think I am through it, something else hits me like a speeding train! I am lucky I have such an amazing mum and hubby to help out.

We are at our holiday but to be honest, haven’t really done much! The weather is colder than expected and my baby brain didn’t pack well… Tonight we will have a BBQ for dinner which we LOVE- its our real holiday food.


Not too much to update, just counting down till the 12 week scan. Lots of niggles and stretches in my guts, I still love hot chips and sleeping whenever I can.


Here is my (late) update, courtesy of kidspot.com.au

“The baby inside you is now the size of an olive, albeit an olive with a big googly head bent forwards and tucked into its chest. Baby’s developing limbs are taking shape, with fingers and toes nearing completion – there are even touch pads on the ends of her fingers. Eyelids have started to develop and a nose is starting to form, making a nice change from the nasal pits decorating the baby’s face of a few weeks ago.
Baby’s intestines were part of the umbilical cord last week, but this week the intestines are likely to start to take form in the abdominal cavity. And hooray for that – baby’s stomach area is starting to grow and become more proportionate to her head. The diaphragm is also developing, which will be vital for when baby takes the first breath outside of your body.
Baby’s external ears are formed and her inner ears are now filled with fluid – which allows your little womb gymnast to begin developing a sense of balance. She has tiny earlobes, and her mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct. The placenta is developed enough now to take over most of the critical job of producing hormones.”


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