Friday 16th May- Scan photos and 2nd trimester!

Ok, I know have been a little slack so I apologise. But so much has been happening since 11 weeks!


Today we celebrate 13 weeks and entering the 2nd trimester. We also celebrated our daughters 3rd birthday a couple of weeks ago and mothers day too!


I had a blood test taken for the Harmony test, which isolates bubs DNA from my blood and gives a risk indication of chromosomal abnormalities, mainly trisomy’s 13, 18 and 21. It also checks the sex chromosomes for any abnormalities. The wonderful news is that the risk factors came back as the lowest possible, 1 in 10,000. We also found out the sex, but I will be keeping mum on that one for a bit! Nothing of worry from the bloods- yay!


I also had my last bum injection! That’s 17 injections total in my buttoxes (yeah not a word but just go with me) since late Feb! I am cutting down on my meds too. As of today, no more gel in the morning and as of tomorrow, tabs are reducing again from 2 to 1 a day. Pessaries have reduced to 1 at night. So until Thursday next week, I will be on 1 tablet and 1 pessary a day- a nice change (and much cleaner!) than 6 things per day! Then we are home free!!!!


We celebrated Mother’s Day a day early with IP’s. They gave me a pedicure voucher which I will use when my ankles become tree trunks. I got IM a bola. It is a necklace with a charm in it that is on a special long chain that hangs down to belly level. I told her she could wear it for a couple of weeks and once bubs ears are developed, she will give it back for me to wear for the remainder of the pregnancy. What it will mean is that the baby will recognise the charm sound and hopefully be soothed by it. Once he/she is born, I will give the bola back to IM for her to wear so the baby has a connection to something familiar that it heard everyday. To say she loved it was such an understatement! I am so happy as I really wanted something special that meant something and could be a keepsake.


This past Wednesday we had our scan! My hubby managed to make it between appointments and all 4 of us filed into the office of the Obstetrician sonographer to get a look at the little bub. The detail between last scan and this one was amazing- there is a real looking baby in there!! He/she was moving about, wriggling, trying to flip and blowing kisses to us all. We could even see him/her opening their mouth to practice swallowing with the amniotic fluid. Bubs wriggled a bit too much to get a perfect HB but we got to hear a few seconds which was good. The scan saw nothing of concern in any way, shape or form. I got my cervix measured as well- nice and long at 3.5cm. They like it to be anything more than 2.5cm. It was such an amazing experience and we were all really moved by it.


Here is the little munchkin- check out the pucker in those lips!!!



So after all of that, we decided it was time to make it public. Our closest family and a handful of friends already knew. We have lots of other family and friends interstate and overseas who we were never going to be able to tell via phone calls or messages, so we decided a social media post would work best. After my last blog post, I decided against something long and explanatory. It felt like I was trying to justify my actions instead of just coming out and saying that I was proud to be a surrogate and excited to be carrying a baby for our amazing IP’s. So that’s what I did! But a couple of sentences took me so long to write! For hours I pondered over the wording, erasing, editing, re-wording etc etc etc. It was about 10pm when I had it the way I wanted it and with IP’s permission to also post a photo, I chickened out and couldn’t press post! So I got hubby to do it instead and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to the most amazing and supportive messages, it was overwhelming and bought me to tears. Throughout the day, more and more popped up and it was heartwarming to read them. There were also lots of genuine questions about the process and how it all came to be which I answered honestly and openly (whilst still protecting the privacy of IP’s) and that was all appreciated. There is definitely a curiosity so any myth busting or increasing of awareness is really good for acceptance of the surrogacy community.


A daddy from my multiples page has a way with words and he wrote me a poem which made me weep like a baby. With his permission, I share it with you:


To Carry a Dream…

The child you carry
Under your heart,
Will enter this world
Of which we’re a part.

A silver cord lining
On the whitest of clouds,
You’re building a dream
Of which you’ll be proud.

To share in the dreams
And hopes of others,
Is something you’ll cherish
As you’ll soon discover.

From stardust and atoms
A seed has been sown,
As your tummy you touch
Has now started showing.

For the new Mum n Dad
A new day is to dawn,
And for that you are thanked
Loved and adored.

To be a giver of life
Is such a rare treat,
Your compassion on show
And you can’t see your feet.

For surrogacy’s a path
And to people like you,
The rewards that await
Are priceless and true.

For that second heartbeat
That echoes inside,
Is saying ‘I thank you’
For the comfortable ride.

And when the day comes
As you recover and rest,
Know that we’re cheering
For you are the best.

-Neil Ward 15/05/2014-

I found it so deeply moving.

Now for bubs update, thanks to Kidspot!

“Baby’s head is still whopping and large in comparison to her growing body, but her nose and chin are now well-defined and bones like the ribs are forming. From this point on, baby’s body starts growing to catch up with that big head, and baby is likely to be around 7cm to 9cm and will enjoy  sloshing around in 100mls or so of amniotic fluid.

Baby’s hands can now start wondering and studies have shown babies like to explore and touch their own face. Some babies suck their thumb in the womb, and others just make a sucking action with their mouth. Your baby now has a gag reflex, too. Your baby can move in a jerky fashion, flexing the arms and kicking the legs. In fact, if you prod your abdomen, your baby will squirm in response, although you won’t be able to feel it just yet.

The first three months from conception were period of rapid development, and the ensuing  three months will be a period of rapid growth for your baby. Her skin is paper-thin and rather see-through, and if you could see her inside you, you could even get a glimpse through her skin of her functioning and still-developing organs.

Baby’s sense of taste and smell are more developed and her amniotic sac will continue to increase in size and mass and fill with more fluid. Baby had better enjoy all that space she’s got right now for somersaults and movement because in another few months it will get squishy!”

On a side note, I am going to not 1 but 2 conferences next week (one is work, the other is a surrogacy conference- eek!) so I will post next at 15 weeks unless something awesome happens in the meantime- like I actually start to look pregnant!


3 thoughts on “Friday 16th May- Scan photos and 2nd trimester!

  1. Wow, time flies. So excited to hear everthing is going so well. What a lovely gift you have IM for mothers day. So perfect. Donna & Andy


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