Wednesday 2nd July 2014- 20 week scan!!

Well the topic may have got you a little excited about seeing baby pics but lets take a step back to what has been going on before the scan.

We had a busy weekend of me being 18 weeks. Learned another important lesson about learning to say NO. We took 3 toddlers to an all you can eat buffet for a birthday party. We struggled big time and ended up leaving early. It was just too much for everyone. Won’t be doing anything like that again in a hurry! There were people everywhere and we kept getting those “poor you” sympathetic looks which piss me off big time!

Sunday 22nd June marked a wonderful milestone for IM. Bubs was kicking around a bit and I took a chance and asked IM to put her hands on my belly. I could feel some movement but nothing that she could feel. I pressed her hands harder on my tummy and all of a sudden- BOOF! IF said that he could see both of our eyes light up as I felt a massive movement and IM felt it on the outside. It was exciting to experience. Since then, there have been LOTS of movements (this kid just does not stop) but no more to be felt externally. Yet.

Things started really smoothly of the week I was ticking over 19 weeks gestation. Took the kids to playgroup, work was busy but manageable and I managed to cook dinner each night! ;-D

On the Wednesday night when I was in bed, I started feeling a little like I was breathing fine but not getting enough oxygen. I used my tried and true hypnobirthing methods, changed positions and managed to get to sleep. Then the next morning I got the kids off to childcare and was sitting at my desk at work reading some emails and the feeling came back again. I wasn’t worried all that much but thought I should give the midwife a call because it was happening when I was at rest and also because I didn’t experience it with any previous pregnancies- including the twins! The midwife knows its a surrogacy pregnancy and I think erred on the side of caution and told me to come into the hosp to get checked out. My HB, BP, O2 stats and temp were all fine. Bubs was fine and had a strong HB. Urine tests picked up nothing nasty. They checked me for blood clots and pre eclampsia but all was fine. They hinted that I might be anxious but I told them that it was definitely NOT that. IF rushed to the hospital to be with me which was nice. I was allowed to go home on the proviso that I rest up and I did just so for the remainder of the day. In fact my head hit the pillow and I was OUT for just over 2 hours! I went back to work the next day and nothing has happened since. Just one of those pregnancy mysteries, I think!!

On the weekend I had a blissful massage and all the kids were at sleepovers so hubby and I could enjoy some time together and sort out everything for our favourite time of the year- tax time! lol

This week was reached with excitement about seeing my little passenger at the 20 week scan. Although we are not “officially” 20 weeks until this Friday!

I had a nice lunch then hubby and I met IP’s at the hospital. Our sonographer was great and explained everything to us. Bubs is perfectly healthy and measuring spot on for gestation. IP’s must have let out about 50 sighs of relief as the run down happened:

Heart brilliant (sigh of relief)

10 fingers, 10 toes (sigh of relief)

Cord looks good (sigh of relief)

Brain and head are perfect (sigh of relief)

Legs great (sigh of relief)

Arms great (sigh of relief)

Stomach fine as well (sigh of relief)

Placenta is high and at the back (sigh of relief)

She pointed out lots of areas, including the kidneys, liver and lungs. We got some great 3D/4D shots as well which were brilliant!

IP’s left the room as my cervix got checked. It was supposed to be a quick check but the computer went down and had to be restarted then the steriliser ran out of something so it had to be replaced so it took forever! But it was all good as my cervix was closed and long which is what they want to see. Any measurement over 2.5cm is good for our gestation and we were well beyond that- yay!








I think I gestate cute babies! lol

This little pumpkin was moving about SO much! Kicking the probe, wiggling and waving and rolling about. It was great to see but caused a couple of difficulties here and there for the sonographer I think!

Tomorrow night I am off for a facial to hopefully assist with my pregnancy induced hormonally reactive skin and a foot spa to help with my tree trunk sized ankles! I am looking forward to that!

Friday marks 30 weeks, the historical half way point of the pregnancy. We then have another midwife appt next week for a check up.


A bit of a reflection upon the last 20 weeks:

Some of it has gone fast and some of it has gone slow.

I appreciate my expending belly as it shows IP’s in particular that there is indeed something inside of me that is growing and healthy!

I look forward to more movements being felt on the outside so that IP’s can feel their bubba saying hello.

I realised that even the most smooth sailing of pregnancies has its additional pressures due to surrogacy- it really is a completely different experience!

I am trying not to be disappointed in those who have chosen to avoid me like the plague since announcing this surrogacy pregnancy. I do not have an infectious disease! I am not looking for any words of wisdom, but your continued friendship would be nice. It’s like people you know are afraid of asking how you are sometimes… I am NOT going to turn around and tell them that I made a big mistake and now I want to keep the baby! Nor am I going to try and recruit them! lol

Bring on the next 20 weeks! My wishes?

Clear skin

Normal sized ankles

A magic fairy who does all of my chores and puts my kids to bed (bahahahahaha!)

A “boring” remainder of the pregnancy

A quick but not too quick labour at term

You know, just the usual.


20 weeks according to kidspot:

“Congratulate yourself – you and baby are now 20 weeks into the pregnancy and at the half-way point. By now, you may have felt the first flutters of movement as your growing baby somersaults around your womb. Also known as ‘the quickening’ it’s a major moment for a mum-to-be to finally feel the squirming reality of the baby growing inside her. Baby may now be around 17cm from crown to rump (that’s head to bum in real person’s speak) and will increase her weight by more than 15 times between now and delivery. Though still small and fragile, baby is growing rapidly and some premature babies have survived being born at just 20 weeks gestation.

Baby’s skin is losing its transparency and the sebaceous glands which will give her pimples in her teen years are kicking into overdrive to make vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance that covers baby’s skin to protect it from the surrounding amniotic fluid. The vernix sheds as delivery approaches, though some babies are born with some vernix coating at birth. Without this waxy coating, baby would look like a shrivelled up prune after swimming in all that fluid (you know how your fingers look after you’ve been in the bath too long – it would be like that!). Vernix is also a bit of a protectant for baby, who will be bumping around the uterus and tugging on that umbilical cord as she grows more active.”


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