Friday 11th July- 21 weeks- Check out my guts!

Feeling really good physically this week! I have managed to keep up with the kids and some busy, busy times at work and outside of work.


Tuesday we had another midwife appointment, she is happy about how we are progressing and reiterated what we already knew about the 20 week scan- that bubs is perfect! Happy and healthy. She has absolutely no concerns at all which is great. We heard the HB, although as soon as the probe went on my belly, the little cheeky turned away, so was in a weird position to then pick up the heart rate! Little rascal. We got it in the end- 140BPM. We will see the Ob at our next visit (24 weeks) so he can do the routine check on my cervix and if an additional check is recommended in the meantime, I will get a call to come in for a quick scan. Easy!


That night after the scan, I had to return to the hospital but not for anything serious! I am the new antenatal coordinator for our local multiple births association and our hospital runs 3-4 sessions per year for parents to be who are expecting twins, triplets or more and they ask a mum from the local club to come in and make a presentation. So that’s what I did! With 12 couples (they were all expecting twins) in front of me, I made a PowerPoint presentation about my time being pregnant with, birthing and raising multiples. I also spoke about the club, what they have to offer and the in home antenatal sessions that we run that go into a little more detail about everything. This was my first time presenting since I took over the role and I was so pleased about how it all went! They laughed at my jokes and I made sure any scary comment was backed up with a wonderful fact about raising more than one child who have been born at the same time. I am sure they were looking at my expanding belly with a few raised eyebrows but I thought it not best to mention anything as the night was really about multiples, not surrogacy!


Although I did get a call from a fellow surrogate the other day about making a presentation from a surrogates point of view to a local council who is responsible for providing medical and clinical services to their pregnant residents. They have a surrogacy pregnancy on their books at the moment and are expecting that they will come across more in the future so are being proactive with the services that they will be able to offer which is great. The talk is scheduled a little close to our due date, so I am unsure if I can attend but maybe a Skype session will be held instead, who knows?!


My tummy is growing nicely, so here is a shot I took this morning. Our daughter keeps asking if mummy is going to have IP’s baby “soon”, so I have to tell her that its still a while away and mummy’s tummy will get a lot bigger before then. “But your tummy is already really big, mummy” is her response. Cheeky miss!


21 weeks


Here is what is going on with bubs according to the world of kidspot!

“Has baby given you a good kick yet? His nervous and muscular systems are finally developed enough to kick out his legs and stretch. Baby’s muscles, nerves and skeletal structures are continually developing in your womb, and you may even notice distinct periods when baby is awake and moving. Baby will have his own athletics programme going on in your belly, stretching, grasping and turning around to build up his muscles, improve his motor skills and strengthen his body in time for his entry into the world. It’s likely that slim women and second-time mums-to-be will feel their babies sooner than first-time mums-to-be. Don’t stress if you haven’t felt a kick yet – it should come in the next week or two.

Baby is now roughly the size of a banana, so he’s growing strong. He still spends the majority of time sleeping and his eyelids are still fused shut.  His lungs and digestive system still need more time to come to maturity, and he is developing more brown fat under his skin to regulate his body temperature.

This is an important time for sensory development since each of the senses – taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch – are also developing into their specialised area of the brain. We’re pleased to report the addition of rapid eye movement (REM); a key component to any healthy baby’s sleep schedule, that indicates he’s now capable of dreaming.”


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