Monday 21st July- Happy 5 months pregnant!

Friday marked 22 weeks pregnant but given we are due 21st November, today actually marks 5 months down, 4 months to go!


I am feeling good, energetic and the rest of those typical 2nd trimester things. I am LOVING going to the gym at the moment. Although I would love glossy hair and clear skin, please! Some days I am eating everything in sight that I can get my hands on, other times, I just stick to the main meals.


We ended up getting a letter to come in for an intermediate cervical surveillance scan. Routinely they like to do them every 2 weeks so leaving it 4 weeks between checks was a little too long to wait. But there were no concerns! No shortening and in fact, my cervix was measuring longer than the scan 2 weeks before- what a dynamic little body part! As you head on into the 3rd trimester, it automatically starts to shorten due to the increased pressure, so they rarely look at it once you hit that gestation. My placenta was measuring a little close to the cervix at that scan but again, it will be something they would monitor IF they thought it was a concern. I am not worried. It was definitely not placenta previa and as my uterus grows it will likely move up and back.


Bubs is their usual active self, with lots of movements and kicking around ALL the time! Just enjoying the space until things get a little more squished I think…


Things are quiet for the next couple of weeks until  my clinic appt in early August. So just a short and a sweet one from me!


22 weeks according to Kidspot:

“Your baby could be as long as 25cm by now and her tiny fingernails will be fully formed and starting to grow. Her brain is advanced enough to sense touch and taste and if you could look inside your womb, you might see her enjoying sucking her thumb and stroking her face. She will be able to tell sweet tastes from bitter, and if you put pressure on your tummy she may just squiggle and squirm in response.

Her heartbeat is getting stronger and is now loud enough to be heard with a normal stethoscope. Her digestive system is getting better every day, and she’s now absorbing water from the amniotic fluid that she swallows and her kidneys are beginning to function.

The vital link between baby’s brain and her spinal cord is maturing and all those nerve cells make vigorous connections, making baby capable of recognising warmth, light, sound and pain. While primitive brain waves have been detected in unborn babies as early as 7 weeks, it is not until 22 weeks that sustained patterns like these can definitely be recorded.

Baby probably likes to be in what’s called the ‘transverse position’ as she grows bigger – she probably lies crossways with her feet and bottom on one side of your belly and head on the other side. Baby’s placenta is now processing about 1 litre of blood per hour and by 40 weeks this will increase to about 12 litres per hour.”


2 thoughts on “Monday 21st July- Happy 5 months pregnant!

  1. I started to say, “How neat! A Thanksgiving baby,” but then I remembered that’s an American holiday! Lol

    Have you ever tried using coconut oil on your hair? I dont know how available that is where you live, but it’s really easy to find most places here. I have crazy wavy/curly/annoying hair and I’ve found applying a small amount of that after towel drying my hair helps a lot! I’d think it would help with preggo hair too! 🙂


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