Friday 8th August- 25 weeks and “boring”. That’s what we want to hear!!!

On Tuesday we had a check up at the clinic. The “head honcho” Ob saw us again for one last check of my cervix to see how it is all going. For those following the adventures of my cervix, it looks great. Over 3.5cm which is pleasing for this gestation. The scan showed us a quick snapshot of bubs who was happy and wriggling about. Ob said he was breech (certainly nothing to be worried about at this gestation) and looked a good size for gestational age. He didn’t really say much but as I told IP’s- if this guy talks, you know there is something wrong. The less he says, the better! We will have a routine growth scan at 30 weeks and that will probably be the only time we see bubs again for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I can completely feel a breech baby with all the kicking “down there”. Last night my stomach went nuts like there was a party going on in there but alas, it still couldn’t be picked up on video. I remember having the same issues with the twins.

I have been working with some surrogates behind the scenes to brainstorm ideas for how surrogacy arrangements can best be handled by hospitals and obstetricians. Its great hearing from those who have already given birth about what it was like, how they felt afterwards and what their care givers could do to best support them during the end stages of pregnancy, through the birth and afterwards. I think we are lucky with the hospital we are at because I already feel so supported but there are certainly other hospitals (and obstetricians!) who could do with some assistance. I think its great if they have identified any holes or improvements that could be made because it shows that they care about surrogates and IP’s who are in this rather unique situation.

Our next midwife appt is scheduled for the 26th August- you know things are progressing when your appointment frequency moves from 4 weeks to 3!

There is really not much else to say… (I will spare any horsing around this time)

Here is my headless shot. Now don’t expect these every week, peoples- I only took one today as I was impressed that I could finally fit in one of the gorgeous dresses that I was given!




25 weeks according to kidspot:

“Does it feel like baby is punching you from inside your belly? Your baby’s co-ordination has come along so much in the last few weeks that he can now make a fist and can grab his feet for acrobatic fun and games inside his little womb palace. His lungs are continuing to develop and his nostrils are opening up. Babies from 24 weeks have been found to increase their breathing after their mothers eat, especially if the food contains sugar! The good news is this: if your child were to be born premature, he’d likely survive as his tiny respiratory system is getting stronger with each passing day.

The tooth buds developing under his gums are laying down enamel and he is really starting to make his presence known while he grows bigger inside you. Most of baby’s remaining development will be weight gain and nervous system development.

Baby will have clear waking and sleeping patterns if you take the time to chart when he is asleep – though he definitely spends 90% of his womb-time sleeping. Many women notice baby tends to be noticeably more active when they are resting, perhaps because when a pregnant woman is active, her body naturally ‘rocks’ her baby to sleep. Baby will be moving around in the womb, and has what’s called a ‘righting reflex’, which enables him to adopt a head down position in the uterus.

Your baby can now rotate his head and could experience hiccups. Some unborn babies hiccup quite frequently and you may experience it as small, regular ‘jumps’ in your belly every now and then for short periods of time.”


Oh and a P.S From me.

HUGE shout out to Ms. R who is an amazing fellow surrogate who has given me so much support thus far in my pregnancy. She is my rock and I appreciate all of our chats. I was hoping she would be reading this post with a nice glass of white but I think her neighbours might be drinking it instead….


2 thoughts on “Friday 8th August- 25 weeks and “boring”. That’s what we want to hear!!!

  1. Fingers crossed the little love decides to get in the right position closer to time! I think it’s admirable that you’re working with others to brainstorm ideas for bettering surrogacy. You rock! Even though surrogacy is drastically different place to place, I love that it’s a topic so many are discussing. Making it an everyday conversation helps take some of the “taboo” out of it.. which I think would help a lot!


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