Friday 22nd August 2014- 27 weeks/6 months/3rd Trimester- It’s a triple celebration!

We are on the home stretch!

27 weeks marks the start of the 3rd trimester which coincided with 6 months (working backwards from our due date) which was yesterday!

Firstly, yes I know I missed 26 weeks. Trust me, it was pretty boring. But busy. Boss is away on leave so I am taking on some additional duties. Plus there is always, always, always some sort of emergency that comes up whenever he is on leave!!

I mentioned last post that the scan revealed bubs was breech. Now I am pretty confident that there has been a turn and the head is now sitting nicely in my pelvis- not engaged though. There is plenty more pressure on my bladder, meaning it feels like I need to pee every 30 seconds and all that comes out is 1ml! Also, there are LOTS of kicks up into my ribs and diaphragm- I swear the other day there was a direct kick to my sternum- cheeky baby! But of course, remaining south is not a guarantee- there could be plenty of spinning going on before bubs gets really comfortable.

So given we are on the home stretch, I thought some more statistics would be relevant.

So far this pregnancy I have:

-Gained 6kg

-Increased my stomach measurements by 9cm

BUT the most interesting thing is that 2kg of that weight and 3cm of that waist gain has been in the last month- hello growth spurt!! I have noticed that my computer seems a little further away when sitting at my desk…

I am still maintaining my weekly pump classes and LOVING them! My weights and stance are modified and in some tracks I have to watch that I don’t clock my stomach with the bar but bubs likes the beat and usually moves around a lot. My fave track is the abs track because I am not allowed to do it- I take a loo break instead!  In the last couple of weeks I have also started an AQUA class. Its essentially me and some largish old ladies splashing around (or in my case, drowning) for 45 mins in a warm pool. Its a good class and although gravity hitting when you get back out is a bit of a killer, I always sleep well afterwards!

Symptom wise, I am hungry, hungry, hungry. Sometimes I want “bad” food, other times I want “good” food, so there is a nice balance. My ankles are still making themselves known as the widest part of my body and I am headachy and tend to get tired at night. All pretty much the same as with previous pregnancies!

We are coming up to Father’s Day here in Australia, so I am planning some things for hubby. His birthday also falls a couple of days beforehand so I have to come up with twice the gifts and ideas!! I am also working on a sneaky, sneaky project for IF. A bit of planning has gone into it and some secret things have had to be done but it is coming along nicely. I am getting someone to do something that has not been tried before so keep your fingers crossed with me that it works!!! If not, I haven’t really thought of a plan B… eeeek!

So later last week, I found out that our hospital was having a sessions for clinicians and midwives to attend, outlining surrogacy- I think we were the precursor to them holding it as we are only the second surrogacy case to go through the hospital and they anticipate more in the future. I just happened to find out on Monday that it was THAT AFTERNOON so I gatecrashed! The surrogacy nurse from our IVF clinic was running it and made a presentation. It was very thorough, covering our states legislation, what surrogacy is, how it works and she also went through a case study and outlined some suggested care parameters that would help assist IP’s and surrogates in their time at the hospital and post birth. Things like rooming in, what happens when the parties are discharged etc I was asked if I wanted to say anything and went off on a bit of a tangent- all the info we had been discussing with surrogates about their experiences at hospitals was fresh in my mind so I believe I gave a good insight into things, even though I obviously haven’t given birth as yet. Things like basing your care on the “type” of intended parents- whether they are a heterosexual or homosexual couple and whether they have experienced pregnancy/birth before. Also, hospital tours, birth plans, continuity of care, respect for boundaries, breastfeeding etc etc etc. I was asked so many questions and the ladies in the room were genuinely interested in how they could be proactive to make everything as seamless as possible for surrogates and IP’s. I think it went really, really well and I got to meet our “backup” midwife who was so lovely (and young!).

Next midwife appt is next Tuesday. Here is a bump shot!

IMG_1224 - Copy


27 weeks according to says:

“Baby is becoming plumper as fat deposits under his skin and he is possibly weighing up to 1kg. More good news: Your baby probably recognises your voice over and above all other people. His ever-growing body means he could have a big enough heartbeat for your partner to hear simply by putting his ear to your belly – your baby’s heart will be beating faster than yours, though the loudness of baby’s heartbeat will depend on what position he is lying in.

Baby’s eyelashes are fully grown too, ready to protect his precious eyeballs from harm once he is born. Baby will be opening his eyes for very short periods from now on, and his first visual impressions once he is born will be sorted into light and dark. That’s why so many mobiles and toys for newborn babies are plain old black and white – they are the ‘colours’ a baby can see the easiest.

With more brain tissue developing, your baby’s brain is very active now. His lungs are still immature, though capable of functioning if born at this early stage. The five senses are also active and his taste buds are working well enough for him to determine whether your amniotic fluid has been flavoured by a spicy or sweet meal.

Just like adults, all babies are different and develop at varying rates in the womb. This information gives a general idea of your baby’s development and progress.”


8 thoughts on “Friday 22nd August 2014- 27 weeks/6 months/3rd Trimester- It’s a triple celebration!

  1. I kept checking back thinking, “Did I miss a post?!” Glad to know I didn’t!

    How exciting that your hospital is getting more informed on surrogacy! 🙂

    Your posts are great… Plus it’s like a math/science lesson having to google metric to American measurements! Silly America and our need to complicate things with weird measuring systems. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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