Friday 5th September 2014- The trials and tribulations of pregnancy (okay well only just the trials). I feel an ode coming on….

“You’re pregnant- CONGRATULATIONS!” It’s excitement at its best.

But what about those other parts of being up the duff that put you to the test?

Niggles, aches and pains, your body no longer your own.

“What on earth is happening to me?!”, they scream at their mothers down the phone.

For pregnancy whilst wonderful also has its dark side.

Of things they never tell you, for fear one will run and hide.

Why is my head aching so much? Its the extra 1000 litres of blood!

It fills up your cranium with pressure and scrambles your thoughts into mud.

Speaking of thoughts, why can I no longer remember

whether today is in September or December?!

Bowel movement discussions are a no-no.

But why doesn’t anyone tell you whats the go?!

Perfect one day, a problem the next.

Do I drink more or less? The problem has us vexed!

Bending over, ha! That would be nice.

Try to tie your laces and pay the ultimate price…

Grunting and groaning and red in the face,

certainly something that lacks so much grace.

Speaking of the face, what is this?!

Pimples galore- what happened to glowing bliss?!

Looking down, whose ankles are these?!

They’re the size of friggin trunks on trees!

That pressure you’re feeling? Could be piles..


Insomnia prepares you for babies arrival, they say…

Most babies I know aren’t awake from 1am until day!

And whats with these weird purple veins invading my being?

One look and my husband will be fleeing!

Wear this, buy that, it will make you well.

$500 later, nothing has changed although I think I smell…

Squeezing my hair, out comes an oil slick,

What happened to a glossy mane, gorgeous and thick?!

“I’m pregnant, not an invalid! But I will take your seat”.

While we are at it, any takers to cut the nails on my feet?

It must be worth it, we tell ourselves, on the 5th trip to the loo that hour.

But when in labour, don’t forget to visualise your vagina like an opening flower!

Do this, don’t do that, everything is contradictory.

If we even make it to our due date, surely that’s a victory!

For all of this is only a sign of the many things to come,

parenthood throws everything our way so we simply have to succumb,

to all of the good and bad that pregnancy brings.

For once this child is in your arms, whats the care with those other things?


Disclaimer… I am not experiencing all of these symptoms!!! Thanks to the ladies in my due in group for their assistance with this list!


Today marks 29 weeks gestation, almost 75% of the way there! All is going well and I am waddling along nicely.


Last week we had an appt with our midwife. We did what she needed to with me and then bang, kicked me out and asked IP’s to stay! Um, hello- aren’t I the pregnant one here?! Well it was all good. They spoke about “parenty” things that I didn’t need to sit in on. Things like vaccination, vitamin K injections and lactation. They also spoke about the birth and that we would start going through some scenarios about things that could happen so we can note them in our birth plan. Things like if I needed a CS, who would come in with me etc. I believe our midwife also gave IP’s some resources that they can access/study etc in preparation for whats to come. I think its great that she is being proactive and I think our IP’s really appreciated it too. It really hits home that we are getting to the fun end of all of this!!!


I have been feeling quite good although I did strain my stomach/hips/pelvis the other day leaping out of bed to stifle a leg cramp which has left me hobbling around like an old person for the past few days. Nothing I can really do except suck it up and I am improving which is good! So no aqua class for me this week and no pump tomorrow. I might try and get a swim in on the weekend though just to keep up some exercise.

This week is proving to be a rather busy one. With work, hubby’s birthday and Father’s Day, we are eating more crap than good and are a little more sedentary than usual but hey, we all need those moments every now and then! It was so exciting to see the kids so pumped about celebrating their daddy’s birthday, giving him presents, eating party food and demolishing cake! Birthdays as parents are more about the kids, I think. Gives it a new, special meaning.

Speaking of celebrations, the gift idea I had for IF has fallen through! Noooooooooo! What we were trying to achieve just couldn’t be done so I had to look at other last minute ideas but I am not sure if it will be delivered in time. Bugger, bum, poo! I am sure they will appreciate what we have planned nonetheless but its a shame my original idea didn’t come to fruition.

Next week is busy, baby wise. We have the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) to test for Gestational Diabetes. Fast overnight, have a blood test, drink a sickly sweet solution, then sit and wait and have subsequent blood tests at 1 and 2 hours. Then go stuff yourself with food!! Then next Friday we have our growth scan at 30 weeks gestation! Just checking out to see if bubs is growing all nice and healthy (I am measuring well, so I am not concerned) and we get to see the cheeky monkey again! Speaking of cheeky monkeys, this little bubba is active to the MAX! Flipping between head down and bum down all the time (although I am hoping that the head down position they are now in is going to be the constant for the rest of the pregnancy!) and kicking, kicking, kicking! I got IP’s to feel the other day and they were floored at how much movement there was. So am I sometimes. He/she is always awake if I need to get up in the middle of the night, are constantly kicking my desk at work and whenever I sit to rest, lots of Braxton Hicks tell me that there is plenty going on inside my uterus! I just say hi, give my belly a rub and tell them that their presence is well and truly known! Oh and after the scan, I am having a facial and a relaxation massage. Bliss!!!


I am also looking at donating my hair. I read the other day about those with long locks having them chopped off at the hairdressers and just being thrown out. So many organisations are in need of good quality hair to be made into wigs. Seeing as I want to get a bit chopped off, donating seems like a no brainer! So, I will go to the hairdressers, have a trim, then cut off a ponytail that is about 20-25cm long. Then I will have the rest of my hair styled. It will still leave me with shoulder length hair. A lady I know has a daughter with alopecia so I have asked her if she knows of any organisations that I can donate the hair to. If I remember, I will post before and after shots.


As for bubs, here is what is going on in my uterus according to kidspot:

“Baby’s brain, organs and body fat continue to develop this week, and he probably weighs around 1.25kg or so and will be longer than a 30cm ruler from head to toe. In fact, his brain is growing so fast that the soft skull bones around the brain are being pressed and pushed into different shapes as he wriggles around.

The brain of a developing foetus is usually soft and smooth in the early weeks of pregnancy – nothing like the grey and loopy walnut that adult human brains look like – but from this week on, baby’s brain will become more wrinkled and complex as it becomes more powerful.

Baby’s bone marrow has also become a major construction site for blood cells and the growing sophistication of baby’s organs mean his adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen — which will stimulate your body to begin milk production.

As baby grows fatter, it means his wrinkled skin is being ironed out and all that extra brown fat could be contributing to around 3.5% of baby’s overall body weight. This is important because despite baby’s brain power, his brain won’t be strong enough to regulate basal temperature once baby is in the big wide world outside of your womb. ” 


Until next time, big belly wobbles from me! xo



2 thoughts on “Friday 5th September 2014- The trials and tribulations of pregnancy (okay well only just the trials). I feel an ode coming on….

  1. I hope you post a picture of your haircut! I think that’s a wonderful thing to do with your hair. Before my mother lost her battle to cancer, I chopped my hair off and donated it to one of the organizations that makes wigs for cancer patients. It seems so wasteful just to throw it all way!


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