Friday 12th September 2014- Fractions anyone?

I remember fractions in school. I struggled with the concept initially but once I recognised things in realistic terms, I grasped it well. Like slices of cake (mmmm, cake). Or how many correct answers on a test. Always in a positive, glass half full kind of light! I am drawn back to those times as I think about today. Today marks 30 weeks gestation. 3/4 of the way there, 1/4 of our pregnancy to go! 75% down. Its a fraction, alright! A fraction that shows how far we have come. How after the initial freak out at a low hcg, turned into joy at raising numbers! How jabs in the bum were just part of my life for over 3 months. How we have watched the length of my cervix with initial apprehension then exhaled as it has performed its duties so well. How we have watched this little person grow from a tiny little blob on a screen, into something resembling a child. A real bubba! How we have watched my tummy expand and now morph as this little break dancer inside of me makes their presence known by big bumps and knocks on the outside, felt by loving parents and a protective “extended family” of my husband and kids. I go into this last quarter with renewed excitement, a boost of anticipation at what is to come and so much pleasure that a family is soon to be made. 100/100 🙂


This past week has been busy, busy, busy! Fathers day on the weekend was lovely and we were blessed with some good weather. The kids loved giving their homemade gifts to daddy and my dad came over as well with donuts and cakes for afternoon tea- yum! We didn’t see IP’s until yesterday, so gave him his gift then. As the last idea fell through, I got him a keepsake box. Unbeknownst to them, I got a sneaky scan at 26 weeks and some brilliant 3D shots. It was all in preparation for a fathers day present. On the top of the box is a gorgeous tile, printed with one of the 3D images. Inside were the copies of the photos. I thought it would be a good box to store things in that cant be stored in a pregnancy book- our bola necklace, excess photos, hospital tags etc. Both IF and IM were so pleased and excited and cant believe how much their bub is looking like an actual baby now!




Yesterday I had the GTT test for Gestational Diabetes. IM came with me, so it made the time go much faster and I definitely appreciated the company! We chatted, read magazines and worked out some post birth support plans. For both a vaginal delivery and a C Section (if one is needed- I hope not). After fasting overnight, having the sweet drink and 3 jabs in the arm over 2 hours, it was nice to get it over and done with and IM and I went to a cafe for a big dirty breakfast. I had bacon and eggs on toast- yum!

Then last night was time for the BIG CHOP! I said goodbye to my long locks and got my ponytail lopped off to donate to the alopecia foundation. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to get the minimum length of 30cm for them but sitting in the chair I thought “who cares, its only hair” and told them to cut off a longer piece! The ladies at the hairdressers were amazing and I felt nice and pampered as they washed my hair, styled it and blow waved it. This morning when I got up, our 3yo daughter wasn’t sure about it. She wouldn’t even give mummy her usual good morning kisses! She will come round. I remember being the same way with my dad when I was younger. One day he came home without his big beard and moustache. I didn’t know who this man was who sounded like my daddy but didn’t look like him!!!

Here is the before shot:


And the 32cm (12 and a half inches for my friends in the US!) I got lopped off. That’s an entire foot of hair!


And the after shot:



Its a big difference!!


This afternoon we have our 30 week growth scan so I am meeting IP’s at the hospital and hopefully we can get some more brilliant shots of bubs. Tomorrow after the gym, IM and I are cooking up a storm at the local Multiple Births Association BBQ to raise money. Its always a good time had, so I am looking forward to that. Next week we have another appt with the Ob who will give us my blood results and chat about the scan if need be.

Oh, and I forgot about TONIGHT!! Two entire blissful hours of pampering await me as I get a facial and a full body relaxation massage. Can you hear me saying “aaaaaaahhhhhh” already?! Just have to get through a work day first!


And a baby bump photo, you say?! Well okay. And just because I am feeling so good about my new haircut, I will let you see that from the front too:


Looking forward to the next 10 weeks, I am excited about continuing to grow my little passenger and keep them safe. I am also excited about maternity leave. I told IM that given it was her maternity leave too, our days absolutely HAD to be filled with relaxing, sitting on the couch watching movies, sleeping in, cooking nice foods, maybe a bit of pampering. It will be a special time for us to spend together before bubs is here. I just need to wait another 8 weeks and we are there! Oh the anticipation!!!!!

“The bubba” according to Kidspot at 30 weeks:

“Now that you’re in the final trimester, your little baby will start to kick and punch in more noticeable places. Be prepared for your baby to kick you in the ribs and perhaps even make punches in the front of your belly that you can actually start to see. Oh and did we mention the kicks and pressure on your pelvic floor? Baby will basically start making herself felt in all kinds of places now that she’s growing bigger and finding it hard to do the acrobatics that used to keep her occupied.

From this week, the fuzzy lanugo hair all over your growing baby’s body will start to disappear. The fine hairs all over her skin have been keeping her warm and helping all that waterproof vernix stick to her skin. In the next few weeks, these patches will start to rub off while the hair on her head grows thicker. Her little toe nails and fingernails will also be growing and some newborns will require a manicure in the early days after birth because their nails are so long.

Many babies maintain a head-down position in the uterus from now on – though don’t be alarmed if your baby is still squiggling around rather than being locked and loaded in the pelvis. The head-down position is the most common and straightforward position for birth, but some babies refuse to get into the right position with some being born bottom-first, also known as ‘breech’.”



2 thoughts on “Friday 12th September 2014- Fractions anyone?

  1. Your hair cut is absolutely gorgeous! I love, love it. Does your head feel so light and free now? I bet it’s nice to have less to wash and style now. 🙂 How cute the little fellow is in the 4D pictures. I never had those with my own kiddo, I hope to one day with a surro though. Yay for making it so far already. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and enjoy that gorgeous hair!


    • Thanks lovely!
      To be honest it still feels a little weird to have such short hair! It fits in a pony but one little bit keeps falling out so it will be a couple of weeks before it grows long enough to hold it all in! Yeah the 3D and 4D pics rock! I am sure you will get plenty with your surro bubba. The sonographers so far have been exceptionally generous with that for us.


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