Monday 15th September 2014- Oh no, a post that’s out of sequence! What does it mean?!

Hi peoples.

Given I just updated on Friday, why am I updating again? Well I have some news.

Lets start with the scan on Friday. It all went really well. Would you believe that I have a healthy 1.7kg bubba inside of me? Truly awesome news! Bubs looks perfect in every way and there are no concerns at all. Measurements are good, fluid levels are good AND my placenta is now more than 3cm away from my cervix AND my cervix is over 3cm long still. So great news! The sonographer was great and then bought in another lady (who we had met before) to get some 3D pics. I have never laughed so much at a scan before. We got some brilliant pics of bubs face (what a cutie) and had a giggle at some of the shots to double/triple check sex in 3D. It was light, happy and a great experience for everyone. IP’s were so pleased that it went well. Having a bubs that is 1.7kg at this gestation is a foreign concept to them!

We said our goodbyes and IM left with a roll of about 50 photos!

On the way home I got a call from the midwife. She was wanting to tell me the results of my Gestational Diabetes blood test and other tests I had on the Wed beforehand. Good news is that blood count was great, iron was great (YAY!), no concerns at all. BUT. I do have Gestational Diabetes. My original thoughts were “why me?”, “haven’t IP’s been through enough?”, those kinds of things. I was just upset that IP’s would worry when we had just had the most brilliant scan. But our midwife was brilliant. A real superstar. She explained to me what it meant in realistic terms. She gave me pointers on how to tell IP’s the news and explain to them exactly what the tests showed. She just made me feel calm and at ease. I wasn’t panicking, I was just caught off guard as I was SURE I had passed!

So here is what I know:

They look for fasting results of less than 5. I was less than 5. That’s great news. If you still have a blood sugar level after fasting for 10-12 hours, that’s a big concern.

1 hour test also registered under the limit.

The 2 hour test was where I fell down. They want it to be 8 and I was 8.3. Yep, only 0.3 above! Grrrrr

What it means is that my body isn’t processing the sugar 2 hours after having it. If there is a part of the test you want to fail, its this one! The likely scenario is that I can maintain my blood sugar levels with diet before any insulin is required. This will be by taking my readings at certain times of the day and making some small modifications to my diet and eating more regularly. Not a huge change but still something to get used to.

There are risk factors for GD. Things like nationality, age, history of GD or family history type 2 diabetes, big babies in the past, obesity etc. I only had 1 risk factor and that was that I am over 30. (I am 32) Just goes to show that even without risk factors, GD doesn’t discriminate.

Our midwife said that we can still remain in the same level of care now and even if I go onto insulin, providing there are no more issues, stay with them as well. I was really worried that after all of this continuity of care, we would then have to change models which wouldn’t be as personal. Phew. She actually referred to my results as “a slight variance of normal”.

This week I will have a meeting with the GD consultant at the hospital (with IP’s) to discuss my plan of action. I have already put together a meal plan so we can go through it and I can get some feedback about what I can add/remove/change etc. I want to be proactive about what I can do. I am starting today and although I don’t have all my questions answered, I think I am on the right track! They will also teach me how to check my levels and when.

So as much as it is a pain, if there was anything that could go wrong at the end of this pregnancy, I think I would pick GD over most other things! It just means that we will finish off the pregnancy how we started it- with jabs! lol

I called my sister ASAP as she had GD with her 4th. Once she got the results, she made some small modifications to her diet/portions/timing of meals and NEVER had a spike in her readings. She is going to help me through things. Also, so is another surrogate I know who had GD. She has already outlined what she had to do in terms of food etc. Unfortunately hers couldn’t be controlled by just diet so she ended up on insulin. But she has been really supportive and I will be running things by her as well.


One step at a time. Looking at the big picture, GD is pretty insignificant. I have a happy, healthy bubba inside of me and that’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “Monday 15th September 2014- Oh no, a post that’s out of sequence! What does it mean?!

  1. I love your optimism; you’re truly a jewel! So sorry to read about the gestational diabetes issues, but I KNOW you’ll kick it’s bum and have it managed in no time. Your IPs are lucky to have their baby growing in such a strong, caring person! 🙂 Share some healthy new recipes!


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