Friday 19th September- 31 weeks down…

31 weeks today!


Having a bit of a downer week this week. The twins are teething, miss 3.5 is pushing our buttons in any way she can and I am a little sore and sorry for myself!

Saw our chiro and she said its a bit unfair that I have just had this insane increase in crappy preggo symptoms all at once! Massive pachyderm ankles, chronic indigestion, sore and aching pelvis, Gestational Diabetes etc etc etc. At least in previous pregnancies, things were a little more manageable as they came and went and didn’t hit all at once! So I had a bit of a sooky la-la to IM on Tuesday before our hosp check up appt. She looked after the kids in the afternoon while I had a rest which was nice. I think the combo of symptoms, GD, kids and broken sleep is what is causing me to be a bit narky. As always I am ever hopeful that things will get better over the weekend and I will perk up a bit. I missed my aqua class on Wednesday night so I am looking forward to going to pump tomorrow for a little bit of a break! Hubby and I will have a date night at home tomorrow. We have a DVD to watch and will snuggle on the couch so that will be good. I also have an acupuncture appointment next week- I have no idea what to expect as I have never had it done before! Hopefully it will ease some of my symptoms a little.


So, we went and saw the “big wig” ob at our appt on Tuesday. You will never guess what he said about my GD?! He said that the parameters are about to change and if I had have had the same bloodwork in November, I would have been given the all clear! You have got to be KIDDING ME!!! He told me to still “play the game” but feels its unlikely that I will need any additional intervention or insulin. But still, checking levels at least 4 times a day will still be a massive pain! We have a “Gestational Diabetes Education Class” next Monday, so I will find more information about what everything means and what I have to do then. So I am not testing as yet but am still following the eating guidelines. And struggling!

The gist of it is:

Wake up: Test blood sugar levels

Then have breakfast

Wait 2 hours: Test blood sugar levels

Then eat a snack

Wait 2 hours

Eat Lunch

Wait 2 hours: Test blood sugar levels

Then eat a snack

Wait 2 hours

Then eat another snack

Wait 2 hours

Eat Dinner

Wait 2 hours: Test blood sugar levels

Eat a snack before bed

In the morning, I am usually a grazer. I pretty much have a small snack each hour until lunchtime. So now I am starving having to wait 2 hours! But then in the afternoon, lunch usually keeps me full for a while, so having 2 snacks seems like a lot. But now as my lunch is smaller because things need to be spread out more, I am hungry before the first 2 hour snack and then full by the second! Maybe the class next week will give me a little more info to go on but for now, its pretty sucky. But of course I will do what I need to do! You need to spread out carbs during the day, which makes sense but I am more used to them in larger volumes less frequently, so hopefully my body will adjust and I will get into the rhythm of things. Hubby is being nice about it and is eating some of the things I can no longer eat at work or after I go to bed. Last night I managed 7. Yep, 7 veggies with dinner. Pretty proud of that. That’s 2 more than “usual”.


We will probably need a scan at 34 weeks to check growth and go from there. Definitely not sick of it yet but am enjoying being on the home stretch!


Here is what bubs is doing at 31 weeks according to kidspot:

“Congratulations on growing baby to this point – he now has a 90% survival rate, if he is born prematurely. He could weigh around 1.5kg at this time, and from here on in his overall growth rate slows down. Baby definitely continues to gain weight, lay down fat and develop his brain and other organs over the next few weeks, though.

His eyesight continues to become more developed, though it’s not terribly keen; even after he’s born, he’ll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open his eyes, he’ll only make out objects a few centimetres from his face.

Baby’s developing immune system has made some serious gains over the past weeks, preparing him to face the disease-ridden world we all live in. His blood cells are being produced nicely by the bone marrow, but your child’s immune strength will still need to be boosted by that breast milk you offer in the first days after birth.

His cute little head is very soft, and it might be covered in lashings of thick hair or be as bald as an eagle, depending on genetic tendencies. His skull is not yet fused together, which is a necessity so his head can squish and change shape during his passage through the birth canal during labour. If your baby is engaged in the pelvis for an extended period during these weeks of pregnancy, he may come into the world with a bit of a cone head, as a result of skull plates being compressed! It’s normal, harmless and his skull will even out into a more round, less cone-heady shape in the week following birth.”



2 thoughts on “Friday 19th September- 31 weeks down…

  1. Well, poo! I hate to hear you’re having such a go of it right now. I’m glad the big-wig doctor at least had some more encouraging news, though! Hopefully a date night and acupuncture will help your spirit and body. You’re almost to the finish line! You can do this! 🙂


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