Friday 3rd October- We are having a baby NEXT MONTH!!

Today we are 33 weeks pregnant!


Lots of things have been happening over the past weeks, so I will try and keep things brief. Yes, I will try!


IM and I went along to our Gestational Diabetes Education class and I must admit that I came out of it in 2 frames of mind. I was pleased to know that most items of food I was eating were fine to continue consuming. Albeit with some tweaking and portion control. But I was a little shirty that everything has to be so structured! This doesn’t go well with 3 toddlers when we are usually flying by the seat of our pants and are just doing whatever, whenever (including eating!). All my levels have been good so far with a couple of spikes- only cause I was being naughty. My fingers so far don’t seem to be any poorer for 4 tests a day which is good. Continue doing what I am doing was the advice from my follow up appointment with the GD Educator.

I also had my first acupuncture session! It was a little outside what I am used to but it helped give my pelvis and indigestion a little bit of reprieve so that was good. I am to see him every week for 4 weeks. Although I did miss our 2nd appointment (more about that later).

IP’s had a hypnobirthing session which they found really helpful. Hubby and I have used some of the principles in the past with birthing our kids, so it was great that IP’s wanted to know more about how it worked and what to expect. I hope this gives them the confidence to know that although I am in pain, its pain for a worthwhile and amazing reason and also that its okay for them to just sit back and let hubby and I do our thing and enjoy the birth of their child.

On Sunday night I noticed some excess swelling in my legs, coupled with some pitting (some also call it dimpling) where a divet is left when you press on the swollen part. Although I had no other symptoms, I recognised that it could possibly be a sign of Pre Eclampsia, so called our midwives to ask about it. Unfortunately the midwives didn’t answer and the birthing suite ladies obviously wanted to err on the side of caution and asked me to come in. I was REALLY hoping for an answer of “see how it looks in the morning” but no… So off I went late at night and long story short, after 6 hours in emergency, I was given the all clear and allowed to go home. I got into bed at 5am. I ended up having the next day off to catch up on some rest but I must admit, it has really affected me for the remainder of the week! Hence I completely forgot about the acupuncture follow up appointment. I felt so bad and really, really narky with myself for forgetting because that’s not usually me. Now I cant see him again till next Thursday. Grrr…

Tuesday marked another antenatal appointment. All looks good, fundal measurements are accurate for gestation and bubs HB was nice and strong, even though the little cheeky kept hitting the doppler! We are on 2 weekly appointments now and will change to weekly at 38 weeks. We have a growth scan (routine for GD patients) at just over 34 weeks then a follow up with the big ob.

I went swimming again on Wed night but missed the Aqua class. I did about 350-400m of laps in the pool instead and then floated around the warm water hydro pool for a while- bliss!


Today my work approved cutting down my hours, so I will work 3 days a week from next week until I start maternity leave, down from 4 days a week. This week has really made me notice how tired I am getting and one day off just to myself will be absolute bliss to just rest and maybe do some light exercise. I cant wait. Do you know how long its been since I have had some decent time off just for me?! Then I start full maternity leave on the 7th November at 38 weeks gestation.


The next few weeks are looking so much quieter, thank goodness!


Now, about bubs. This little passenger of mine loves floating in and out of my pelvis. One moment I am busting to go to the loo from all of the pressure on my bladder, the next moment all is fine! For subsequent pregnancies, it is not uncommon for a baby to engage in the last few days before labour. First pregnancies, engagement happens a lot earlier. So from my perspective, think of a hip hop dancer, that’s what it feels like- in/out, up/down, back/forth, twist! Kicks are non stop- this bubba is active to the MAX! Fave position is feet hooked under my ribs, pressing, pressing, pressing. I usually find if I give a light press, this stops, particularly if the positioning is a little uncomfortable for me. So all of this activity means lots of Braxton Hicks! Lots of hardening and tightening, sometimes enough to take your breath away but definitely not contractions. Contractions don’t make me want to pee lol



Ooooh, almost forgot the 7 month stats:

I have gained 9kg thus far (most of this is swimming around my ankles I think!)

I have also gained 11cm in stomach circumference. Although with the growing that’s going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if I cracked the 1m circumference soon!


Photos? Okay then…



The top one is 32+4 weeks, the bottom is exactly 33 weeks but is a little harder to see the bump as clearly. In the top one you can just make out a sacroiliac support belt that is my new best friend. I wear it all the time to stop my pelvis from falling apart. Oh and it curbs the waddling too!


33 weeks according to kidspot:

“Baby is possibly starting to feel squeezed by now! No doubt he isn’t as uncomfortable as he will be in a few weeks when he is thrust into the birthing process and squeezed down the birth canal. Baby’s adrenal glands have started working this week, producing that famous hormone adrenaline – a neurotransmitter which will help both mother and baby deal with the stress of labour. Baby is also receiving your antibodies to protect and develop his immune system, something which will continue as you breastfeed.

Baby is getting a big head – and not because he is a huge egotist. This is one of those weeks when unborn babies’ heads grow by up to centimetre in circumference – a huge spurt in a short time period. Baby’s brain is rapidly making more connections and growing bigger. In fact, some scientists believe baby’s brain in the 33rd week of pregnancy is the same as when he’s born around week 40. Experts have argued that birth is almost an insignificant event when it comes to brain development in babies, with the brain growing more rapidly in the womb then it does in the immediate weeks following birth.

Your baby can now determine the difference between sweet and sour tastes in the amniotic fluid which change according to what you have eaten. The theory is that these taste changes help baby adapt to the changing flavour of breast milk, which also carries the different food flavours from your diet. “


4 thoughts on “Friday 3rd October- We are having a baby NEXT MONTH!!

  1. You’re still so tiny! It’s hard to believe you’re due next month! 🙂 I’ve never heard of hypnotherapy for child birth. I may have to look in to that. I’m very interested in trying a natural birth for my surro pregnancy, but since I’m matched with international dads, I’m thinking they’ll probably want a scheduled induction to help be certain they’re here. Did the acupuncture hurt??


    • Well, due late next month- still plenty of chubbering up time for the little passenger!
      I swear by hypnobirth and still use some of the principals in every day life. Not all of it appeals to everyone, you just take what you need. Quite possibly an induction is what you can expect, so something like hypnobirthing should be considered, I think!
      I barely felt a thing with the acupuncture! He had about 8 needles placed in less than 30 seconds and I didn’t even know he had put them in.


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