Friday 10th October 2014- 34 weeks and counting down to delivery!

Yesterday marked my first day at home. By myself. No kids! I cant even REMEMBER the last time that happened!!

I didn’t realise how much I needed it until I was truly relaxed. I got up, organised the kids with hubby to take to childcare, had breakfast and promptly went back to bed! There is something to be said for sleeping in a quiet, empty house and I think I barely moved for 2 hours. Unheard of! I watched some TV, had a bath for the first time in 2 years (where I actually had the opportunity to shave my legs with an actual razor), read a magazine and did some light tidying. I then had an acupuncture session later in the evening and went to bed feeling quite refreshed! I cant say that it lasted all night, with our twin son having his usual overnight cry and miss 3.5 hopping in our bed and making mummy and daddy share half the bed while she spread out on the other half!


No medical appts this past week, but I did have a chance to catch up with the surrogacy community here in Melb at a meet up on Sunday. It was (as usual) a great opportunity to see people who I met at the start of this journey and see where they are now. Some have new babies, others have babies who have grown so much, others are still struggling a little with their Australian and overseas journeys. I met a fellow surrogate-to-be who asked so many questions and it was great to fill her in on all my knowledge/experience thus far. Mind you, I was hoarse by the time I left and my ankles had once again swelled to epic proportions!


This weekend, a wonderful, wonderful surrogate I know from WA (who hasn’t had the easiest of times this pregnancy) will be coming over for her IP’s baby shower. We will be catching up on Sunday and I am sooooo excited to see her again so we can bump tummies and go to the loo 500 times in an hour together!!


Yesterday was a rather special day for me. Long story short, I was approached by Kidspot to assist them in writing a piece on what its like to be a surrogate. The way I wanted to approach it was more of an informative article about Australian surrogacy from the perspective of an Australian surrogate. I have found throughout this journey so far that the same questions get asked, time and time again by everyone who finds out about our journey. This piece focused on these questions. I wanted it to be a personal, yet informative piece. Something that didn’t cry “surrogate looking for praise and attention”. I wanted to be respectful to our IP’s and the surrogacy community. After getting blessings from everyone, the article was released yesterday and I am thrilled with it.

I immediately received the most amazing comments and support for the article from family, friends, the community and also people I didn’t even know. It was heartwarming. Ladies stating that they didn’t know surrogacy was legal in Australia and might do some research on becoming a surrogate themselves, couples who are looking for surrogates stating that reading the article has renewed their hope. Not one negative comment! I have kept a copy of the printout for my baby book.


The article had a link to this blog and in the past 24 hours, my views have exploded!! So welcome to those who have taken the time to read my post/s- I really appreciate it and please know that this is a massive step for me. I have been keeping this blog as a diary for the past year and a half and it is intensely personal. But if I can share it with you to get an understanding of what the process is like- the highs and lows, then it is worth it. Still a little scared of having my innermost thoughts and feelings out there for all to read though! If you have a spare bit of time, definitely scroll back to the start. Read up on everything that we went through, how we have come to this point. You might find some of it boring, but for me it is something I want to treasure forever.


Blog views explosion!!

So how am I feeling at 34 weeks? Starting to get tired… It is the home stretch, after all! I have the usual niggles that are coming and going- ankles, headaches, heartburn, sore pelvis etc but they are nothing too serious and I will just have to suck it up and survive! Still doing weekly pump classes (although the weights are getting lighter and lighter) and Aqua sessions. Each time I go swimming I am more and more excited about getting in the water to feel that weightlessness!! Bubs is now having more distinct awake and sleep periods- thank goodness! I was a little worried there for a while that when born, bubs just wouldn’t sleep ever! IM had a great feel around of my tummy the other day- feeling feet, bottom etc and getting some good kicks in return. I am going to make more of a conscious effort to do that from now on as I think she really enjoyed it! Ooo0h, and on another note, I am producing colostrum! Just have to wait a couple more weeks, then I will start collecting for bubs. Squeezy, squeezy!

Whats up next?

Tuesday we will have a growth scan- pretty normal at this gestation for a GD diagnosis. GD babies can be bigger, so we will check that all out. Not that I am worried at all because my blood sugar levels have been perfect! But it will be good for us all to see the little munchkin again. Then the Ob will see us to go over the results and check me out.

I have found that people have started guessing when I will give birth. So far, my acupuncturist thinks I will go on the 6th or 7th November- NO THANKS! I am not even on maternity leave then! IM thinks the 7th or 17th of Nov (I personally would prefer the 17th…). I am still thinking late 38 weeks/early 39 weeks. Somewhere from about the 13th to the 16th November. We will see!

And the usual 34 weeks according to kidspot:

“Congratulations on baking that baby as well as you have been! You will be happy to know that if your bub wants to make her way out of your cosy belly between 34 and 37 weeks of pregnancy (rather than staying put and baking in your tummy until full term), she is likely to survive.  Premature babies born at this time may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery or have a few short-term health issues. From now on, your baby has a greater than 95% likelihood of surviving a premature birth and in the long run will do as well as a full-term baby in terms of meeting milestones.

This is also the time that baby is likely to drop into the pelvis and start getting ready for her descent into the birth canal. For some mothers-to-be, this can result in stabbing back pain as baby starts to press on your sciatic nerve. If that’s the case, get off your feet and do some spine-lengthening stretches to help baby move OFF that poor throbbing nerve. Your baby’s head engaging into the pelvis can also bring cramping sensations and discomfort as well as the characteristic waddle of late pregnancy! You may now find you need to go to the toilet more often too. Ah, the joys.

Baby is now rapidly gaining white fat, and could have little dimples forming at the elbows and knees along with creases around her wrists and neck.  Her bones will continue to harden and the waxy vernix covering her skin could be thickening. Despite baby’s increasing strength, she will start dropping her rate of movement in these last few weeks, thanks to her restricted womb space. If movement ceases for over an hour, drink something cold, lay on your side and wait for something to happen. Most midwives or doctors will want to know if you don’t feel baby move in a two-hour period.”



2 thoughts on “Friday 10th October 2014- 34 weeks and counting down to delivery!

  1. I’m glad you got to enjoy a nice day to yourself at home. Much deserved! I can’t wait to hop-over to Kidspot and read your article! I know it’s fantastic… so glad other’s will get to enjoy the awesomeness that your loyal followers already love! 🙂


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