Wednesday 15th October 2014- BIG news to share!

You know me well enough that when I blog early, there is news.

Today is no different. As we approach 35 weeks Friday, we had a very busy morning at the hospital yesterday.

First up was a scan. Bubba is looking happy and healthy! Head down, moving about nicely, everything is where it should be for this gestation. My placenta and cervix are playing nicely too which is a bonus. This visit was purely a growth scan, to check out how big bubs is. Routine after a Gestational Diabetes diagnoses but I also think that the hospital want to make sure that their one and only current surrogate pregnancy case is being taken care of! After all the measurements were made, we were given a weight- a healthy 2.7kg of bubba is growing inside of me! The sonographer commented that growth was “slightly above average for gestational age” of 34+4 weeks. Perfect! No photos this time (boo) because bubs was playing camera shy and had their head buried in the placenta. But we were all happy, nonetheless.

Next up was the appt with the Ob. Short and sweet. We told him our scan results as they weren’t quite through on the computer yet, had a bitch about the GD and he had a feel of my tummy (bubs head is about half engaged- perfectly normal for a subsequent pregnancy). And off we went.

Then it was down to see our midwife and her partner in crime. Our lead midwife is about to go on leave to get married, so we are meeting the other ladies who will be with us at the birth. They are all so wonderful and I know we will be in good hands on the day. They also spoke a bit to IM about post birth care at home and the like.

On the way home, our midwife called about a subsequent appointment and I happened to ask her if the scan results had come through yet. They had, and reading through them, discovered that bubs wasn’t “slightly” above average in weight, but in fact was VERY above average for weight! 90th-95th percentile! That means that for the same gestation, my buddha passenger weighs more than between 90 and 95% of the rest of the bubbas. Whoa!

I must admit that I was a little lost for words. Our guys were 50th percentile or less so the thought of this bubs continuing to grow at this rate is a little overwhelming! I asked the midwife if this was because of the GD and her answer was “probably not” as I am not having any issues with high readings. I asked if they would induce earlier because of size and again, the answer was “probably not”. Sigh.

So what does this mean? For one, it certainly explains the aches and pains I have been feeling and the exhaustion! But in the scheme of things, it really means nothing at all except that my passenger must be consuming lots of nice in-flight meals before landing.

I am trying not to think about the potential massacring of my lady bits… I am also trying not to think about those who say that “ultrasounds can be out by up to +/-20%” that it might be the plus, not the minus! :-0 I am visualising my birth canal as a slippery slide, complete with dishwashing detergent for speed and lubrication. I have heard that heavy babies means you have gravity on your side but I hope that doesn’t also mean too quick of a birth- we want to actually make it to the hospital!

So that is the news! For anyone who dares to call me “tiny”- they will be hit with a quick retort of “I am carrying a child that could possibly turn out to be a sumo wrestler, so looks can be deceiving”!


Chiro is coming tonight to put my pelvis back together and I am seeing the acupuncturist tomorrow on my day off. Then we count down to our next appt on the 28th October.


Until then I will leave you with the 35 week “baby baking” info according to kidspot:

“Baby’s digestive system is putting on its finishing touches in preparation to take baby’s first meal in a few weeks’ time – drops of colostrum from your breasts. While baby is in your belly, all of his nutrition comes from the blood surging through his umbilical cord. Your baby’s placenta now covers around 1/3 of the inner surface of your uterus and processes around 12 litres of blood per hour to keep baby well fed and happy. Once baby is born in a few weeks, he will need to suckle for nutrition and absorb his food through his stomach and digestive tract, just like the rest of us.

With baby’s first meal in mind, it’s time to look forward to one of the most important things you’ll do for baby – namely, keep him alive with nothing more than your breasts. Baby will initially suck colostrum until your breast milk production begins, usually 48 hours or so after birth. Once the milk comes in, baby will probably want to have two-hourly snacks at the milk bar until he’s worked out a feeding regime that suits him.

Scientists theorise that your baby is currently practising eating by ‘breathing’ and tasting the amniotic fluid. Scientists studying foetal movements have found that in week 35 of pregnancy, there is a significant increase in foetal breathing activity between 1am and 7am, apparently followed by increased baby movements. The time baby spends breathing and moving is also related to maternal mealtimes, which deliver a glucose hit to baby (as well as you).”


Ok, reading through that I just want to clarify a point. I will not be BF this surro bubba. As of 36 weeks, I will attempt to express colostrum which I will save up to be used post birth. IM is also re-lactating which is going really well, so she will attempt to BF her bubba once born.

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