Monday 27th October 2014- 36 weeks and starting to feel it!

Friday marked 36 weeks gestation in this surrogate pregnancy but I was feeling a little too lazy to post, sorry!! I am sure I will be forgiven.


Its been a quiet week appointment wise but lots going on pregnancy wise! My little passenger is continuing to grow, grow, grow and I can feel it! I liken some of the moves to trying to do a headstand inside of me, with a head in my pelvis and one foot on each of my lower ribs, extending the body. Its a weird feeling as I never got it with the other kids. Some of the movements take me by surprise and literally take my breath away! So my pelvis is pretty much shot to pieces and I am almost wearing my brace 24/7. My walking has become slow and a bit more laboured and now I roll off the couch and bed while making lots of grunting noises. The kids think its pretty funny. I have had to chat to my Buddha passenger about when suitable times are for big movements- NOT at 2am/3am/4am etc in the morning and NEVER on your tummy mummy’s bladder. Lets just say that the hint hasn’t been taken yet… lol

The kids have been so cute though. They LOVE feeling the movements and saying hi. The other night I stretched a ligament in my side and it hurt just to breathe. So I positioned myself on the floor on all fours, leaning onto the couch with my tummy hanging in mid air and doing some birthing breathing to just get calm and centred again. It didn’t take long for 3 little faces to appear in my vision, asking “are you okay mummy?” and commenting “mummy sore” and giving me a back rub and kisses. It was so completely adorable that I got a little teary (damned hormones).

I am getting a little frustrated that my body is caving a little earlier than in last pregnancies, though. And that I don’t have as much energy and cant do a lot around the house. But that frustration is definitely NOT going towards bubba. IP’s are helping out so much and I am really grateful, as is hubby. But I just want them to be parents!!! I want to give them this bubba so they have a “new normal” being a family and we get to be a family again too. Not long now, I keep telling myself, not long now. I still maintain that I don’t want to have bubs now, I want it to happen when its the right time. But I am just so damned excited about what is to come!! Its a weird frame of mind to be in and some people think that I am sick of being pregnant which is definitely not the case.

I can definitely tell that my body is preparing for the eventual birth. Classic signs like lower back pain, pressure (even though bubs is not engaged as yet), TMI ALERT- increased mucous, lots of practice tightenings, changes in bowel movements, ramped up indigestion etc. But all of these have no indication on any time frames, so that is still a mystery. All I know is that I will have a baby between now and the end of November. Woo hoo! My acupuncturist also says that my pulse has changed a bit too, so that is a sign (again, no time frame).


Gestational Diabetes is being monitored and I am having no issues and all signs point towards the placenta handling things really well. I am still finding things a pain in the bum but that’s life. I cant wait to have a post birth love affair with milk chocolate and lollies though…


We also hit 8 months gestation, so its stat time!

So far this pregnancy I have:

Increased my waist size by 14cm. In fact, I am not far away from cracking the 1m circumference mark!

Gained 10kg in weight. This is more than with our first and is creeping up to the weight I gained with the twins.


Photo?! Okay, you twisted my arm…


36 weeks

Oh and before I forget, I am quite excited to say that I am producing colostrum!! Now that we are 36 weeks, I can start doing some squeezing to see what I can collect pre birth. Just once a day and I wont be beating myself up about it if I don’t get a lot or miss a day. IP’ are happy with anything I can get for them. I started on Saturday and got 0.35ml. Yep, 350 microlitres! Then yesterday, I got drips into a medicine cup- I couldn’t believe it! 0.75ml (750 microlitres)! I was pretty impressed with that. All of my precious boobie juice colostrum is being frozen and will be bought to the hosp to feed to bubba. I will continue to express until my milk comes in. IM is doing an amazing job re-lactating so she will also be trying to BF. How awesome is that?!

Ok, I have waffled on for far to0 long! Tomorrow we have another appointment with the midwife and then we move onto weekly visits! Oh and 2 more weeks of work left!

Here is some info about 36 weeks gestation according to kidspot (although we already know that this bubba is waaaay beyond those measurements!):

“By now baby could weigh around 2.6kg and measure about 47 cm from head to toe. Baby won’t grow as much in length now but will put on approximately 230 grams per week until she’s born. At this stage, baby’s lungs are likely to be fully mature. Her muscle tone is improving, and you’ll be impressed by her steel-like Ulnar grasp once she’s born in a few weeks. (The Ulnar grip is the newborn reflex you will see when you lie your finger in baby’s palm.)

The most important thing your baby is developing right now is the final touches to the lungs and respiratory system, which allow baby to take her first breaths outside the watery world of your womb. Your baby’s ‘breathing and eating exercises’ – which occur as she breathes in the amniotic fluid and tastes the various flavours – will naturally stop about 24 to 48 hours before labour commences in a few weeks’ time.  During labour in a few weeks’ time, hormones will be released by you to encourage baby to reabsorb fluid from her lungs back into her blood stream before birth. A small amount of fluid remains in baby’s lungs after birth but is usually fully absorbed within 24 hours. Babies born by caesarean section may have ‘rattly lungs’ as they haven’t fully expelled all the amniotic fluid during the birthing process.”


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