Friday 31st October- Spooky 37 weeks…

Well not quite spooky, but it is Halloween so I thought I would add that one in just for kicks.


Hasn’t been long since my last post, so no real changes. As days pass and bubs increases in size, things are getting more and more uncomfortable, which is to be expected. Although I am NOT looking forward to another week at work. How come my desk chair has all of a sudden started to feel like concrete?!

Our midwife appointment went well. We must have looked like a real treat walking into the consult room. Me, hubby, IM and IF all in one room with 2 midwives (on call and backup) AND a student midwife who was along for the ride as well. We might as well have had a “surrogacy arrangement” flashing sign over our heads or matching t-shirts! lol I am still measuring “normal” for gestation but the midwife did mention that bubs was running out of room vertically with my uterus only about 1cm away from the bottom of my sternum (breastbone). So the only way to grow now is out! Bubs head is 20% engaged which is pretty good for a subsequent pregnancy. The rest of the engagement will unlikely happen until labour is imminent or started. No concerns from their end- I am still boring. And GD wasn’t even mentioned! lol

Sleeping is getting a little more difficult. With rolling over to get a comfortable position challenging and the frequent loo breaks, I am finding it tough not getting that good decent stint of sleep. Hopefully maternity leave means I can catch up on a bit of that during the day!

Bubs is a big fan of sudden and big movements that distort my stomach, sometimes taking my breath away! Preferred position is still with feet hooked up under my ribs and pushing. Settle down, my little passenger! Otherwise mummy and daddy will be in for a ride once you are born…


Yesterday, my sister came over, picked me up and treated me to lunch and a pedicure! It was lovely although I passed out once I got back home from pure exhaustion. That 200 metres I walked was a killer! lol


This weekend, IP’s are away at a wedding, so I have been instructed NOT to go into labour. I promised them. And I always keep my promises. I cant give birth tomorrow anyway as the twins turn TWO!!! I cant believe that my two youngest little people are going to be 2 years old. That is a completely scary prospect as they are mummies babies!


We are down to weekly appointments now, so we will be back at the clinic on Monday. The following week, the big wig Ob wants to look in on us again. No more scans are scheduled.


Until then, it is legs crossed. I have some birthdays to celebrate xo



37 weeks

Here is what is going on inside me, according to

“Baby is all ready to rock and roll his way down the birth canal – though that doesn’t mean he’s finished growing and developing. Despite being structurally ready for the real world, baby is still under-developed compared to other mammals at birth. Not only will it take a newborn nearly a year to start to walk, but he will lack control over his muscles – particularly his neck muscles – in the early days after birth and won’t be able to control his eyes to focus on objects. In fact, it will take your newborn nearly three months to gain control over his vision.  

Because it’s so snug in your womb right now, baby won’t be doing somersaults anymore – though the number of times she kicks or you feel movement should remain about the same. Most of baby’s basic physical development is now complete — she’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight and getting all cute in preparation for you to meet her at birth.”

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