Friday 7th November 2014- 38 weeks and my last day of work!

38 weeks- why that’s classed as FULL TERM!!


We have made it. The pointiest part of the pointy end. Now its just a waiting game. My body is still sending lots of “practice” signs but nothing to get excited about or write home about just yet. Just its way of saying “yes, I have done this before and I am preparing to do it again, but I am going to tease you so you have no idea about when it will actually happen!”. Thanks body, thanks. With 2 quick labours under my belt already, I really wish I could have a countdown clock attached to me so I can make sure that the kids are taken care of and that hubby and IP’s are all ready and we are all together. That’s my greatest fear- that someone wont make it!


Bags are at the ready, birth music has finally been organised, there is a small list at the door of last minute things I need, but all we are really waiting for now is bubs! Speaking of, bubs is still moving around lots but with less of those huge, take your breath away movements- thank goodness. Space is definitely running out! I can feel the engagement feelings here and there (like I have a bowling ball in my lower pelvis) but then, pop- back up they go and the pressure is released. That’s not unusual for subsequent pregnancies, with most babies fully engaging only once labour is established.


So we had an interesting visit to the midwife this week. I am boring, boring, boring which is good! But she did get a laugh when trying to measure my fundus (pubic bone to top of uterus). Apparently its pretty much impossible as the top of my uterus has disappeared under my ribs and sternum! She was astonished that I wasn’t in more discomfort! So based on what she could measure, we are measuring just a touch behind. We will see what the big ob says next week about it.  Isn’t pregnancy funny?! One moment, bubs is measuring big on a scan and the next, my tummy is measuring small! But you just never, never know until baby is here what size they really will be! It will be interesting to see once the time comes. I am not worried one little bit.


People have been asking me if I am concerned about the labour and birth. Nope! In fact, the prospect is becoming more and more exciting as the days pass! I am not at the stage where I want bubs to be born because I am sick of being pregnant, I want bubs to be born so I can hand them over to IP’s so they can be a family! Its that “sometimes cant sleep/get butterflies in your tummy” excitement feeling.


My babies turned 2 on the weekend. We didn’t have a party, just a small trip to McDonalds with a couple of grandparents to have some nuggets and chips and a play on the playground. That was all I could handle and needed a nap later that day! They had fun and of course, got spoiled rotten! Next (after the birth of course!) we have to start preparing for Christmas! Although sometimes it felt like this pregnancy has been going on forever, it certainly feels like this year has flown.


Here is me this morning:


38 weeks

And a boast photo about the colostrum I have collected for bubs thus far. I am really quite impressed with my boobies! lol


And here is what is going on in my guts according to Kidspot!

“There’s not much new going on in your belly besides more preparation for life outside the womb for baby. Baby is continuing to shed that fuzzy lanugo hair on his body and producing more surfactant to get his lungs ready to breathe proper air. Baby’s probably having a squishy old time and getting into position to meet you. He’s gone from being a single cell just 38 weeks ago to being a complex human baby with trillions of cells — amazing, if you stop to think about it.

The amount of fat on your baby’s body has increased from being only 30 grams at 30 weeks pregnancy, to around 430 grams as he gets close to being born. Baby needs to lay down the fat to regulate his temperature once he leaves the comfort of your womb. Baby’s brain won’t be mature enough to regulate his temperature as efficiently as an adult brain does, which is why baby needs to be wrapped and held close to your body once he is born.  

This late in pregnancy, scientists have found that baby’s breathing movements increase during the second and third hours after mums eat breakfast in the morning. Baby is likely to become quiet again around 7pm in the evening, though not all babies will follow the rules. Some experts theorise that these womb routines follow into the early days after birth.

Right now, baby’s intestines are filled with a sticky, greenish-black material called meconium, which will be expelled as baby’s first poo soon after birth.  When baby is born and you start to breast feed, your colostrum acts as a laxative to help baby move his bowels and expel those meconium stools. Some babies will poo as they are born or just before birth.”


4 thoughts on “Friday 7th November 2014- 38 weeks and my last day of work!

  1. I can’t believe it’s already almost delivery time! It’s been so amazing to follow along with you. 🙂 I’m glad you’re still feeling good and not too uncomfortable. I would love more information about how you expressed and stored the colostrum for your surro babe. I’m hoping to do the same for mine and never even knew you could begin collecting before birth until I first read it on here. My email address is if you’d be willing to share with me about the steps and freezing details. 🙂


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