Wednesday 19th November 2014- Not long now!!

Interim update from me!!

We had a quiet weekend and by Sunday morning I was going a little stir crazy so Mum and I took miss 3.5 out to the local shopping centre for a few hours. It was lovely and she only had 2 tantrums which is pretty good for her! lol

Unfortunately, we have had to ban IP’s from the house as IM is sick! Told her she needs to focus on getting better for what is to come and of course, we don’t want to get sick either. It feels weird not seeing her much…

On Monday I woke up with a burst of energy and an even bigger burst of boredom. I didn’t want to laze around all day so I got dressed and went to the gym! I used really light weights and took it easy but still did a great workout in a pump class. You have to tell the instructor that you are pregnant and your gestation (this lady wasn’t my “usual” instructor) and her jaw dropped when I said I was 39 and a half weeks! lol At the end of the class, she told everyone my gestation, told them to give me a round of applause that I am exercising so well so late in pregnancy and that I look so good. MORTIFIED!!! But I did get a lot of well wishes so that was really nice. Not sure if I needed an announcement though! lol

After the gym I dropped in at work to say hi to my colleagues, pick up a parcel and get a rundown from the MD about a business trip he took the previous week (I am such a sucker for punishment!).


Yesterday we had another midwife appt. The kids stayed at home with IM’s parents and I met IF there (IM was still being quarantined). We spoke about reaching 40 weeks at the end of this week. If I get to next Tuesday, we would start chatting about induction as my GD diagnosis means that they don’t like you passing 41 weeks. So no matter what, I should birth this baby before Saturday week!

BUT she then kicked IF out and got me on the table for an internal examination. Apparently I am already 4cm dilated with a softening cervical lip and am in “perfect” condition for labouring imminently! Yaaay!! She hinted that she didn’t think I would make it to next Tuesday’s appointment (we will see about that). So very exciting! The internal left me with a slight bleed- very normal- so I just have to keep an eye on that and wear pads to check for any amniotic leakage and let them know if I think my waters might be broken.


So I called IM on my way out and put everyone on standby! Mum will come over whenever I need her to look after the kids as will IM’s parents. Hubby has some flexibility to work from home too if need be. The kids are off to childcare for the rest of the week as well so I dont have to worry about looking after them, they will be in great hands.

I got a couple of niggles last night but I think they were more a result of the internal than anything else. I had broken sleep but after a back rub from my amazing hubby, I got back to sleep at about 4am after waking up at 1am!


Just taking it easy today. Acupuncture tomorrow and then we hit 40 weeks on Friday!! I will be back then for an update. Will it be pre or post birth, I wonder…?




39+3 weeks

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