Monday 24th November 2014- 40 weeks, 3 days

Still here and still preggers!


All of the niggles of last week had dissolved and there was nothing. Bubs was still active but that was about it!

Back to the acupuncturist today who is stumped! He keeps ramping things up and we aren’t getting any response! Grrrr….

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy! Hubby took me out for brekky, we walked through the shops (IP’s were looking after the kids), made a roast for lunch and then played some backyard footy before the kids went to bed. I thought it might bring things on but it didnt!


Today I woke up with every intention of doing another pump class but got a little lazy… So I got a pedi instead!

This afternoon I am getting some tightenings here and there (about an 0.5 on a scale of 1 to 10) and some pressure but I am not getting too excited!

The coolest thing happened though- one of my friends made me a labour cake!! It is complete chocolate goodness and I am really hoping that it brings something on!


Tomorrow we have another midwife appt and we will discuss induction options. Not something I wanted to go down the path of but necessary at this gestation. My “moment” of last Saturday passed overnight and I am feeling good physically and mentally about what is to come.


Not long now! And this time its true…


40+3 weeks


Labour cake!!!


2 thoughts on “Monday 24th November 2014- 40 weeks, 3 days

  1. Even though it didn’t bring on labor, it sounds like a very fun few days. What color pedi did you get? At least your toes will look lovely when the little man decides to show up! 🙂


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