Thursday 27th November 2014- Um, so this happened…

My little passenger has arrived!

It has been a massive few days so let me have a bit of a rest up and I will come back to update you on everything that has happened.




8 thoughts on “Thursday 27th November 2014- Um, so this happened…

  1. Renee – congratulations!! I’ve followed your journey with fascination and the 27th of November was a special day for me too – because the same day your little passenger arrived was the day I received an anxiously-awaited test result – I am newly pregnant carrying a baby for a dear friend who sadly is unable to carry her own child. So as your surrogate pregnancy journey ended, mine began. I’ve already learned a lot from your blog & would love to chat sometime to hear more about your experience – if you feel comfortable with that of course. Hope all is going well for you & your IPs who must be overjoyed that he’s here safely.

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    • Congratulations, Anne! That is amazing news! I am so happy for you and your friends. Absolutely, would love to chat. I have an email address on my “About Me” page you can write to. I would love to hear from you. xo


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