Just some housekeeping before I launch into it. This is a no holds barred story about how my little passenger was born. I will only be writing this account once and it will be detailed. So… if you don’t like talk of body parts, bodily functions, blood etc, then please save yourself the time and don’t read any further! If you are still happy to proceed, get cosy. Its gonna be a long one…

So the last you saw of me was at 40+3 weeks. The next day (Tuesday) we had a midwife appointment and discussed induction. If I hadn’t birthed by that Friday, we would come into the hosp early that day and my waters would be broken. If nothing happened within 4 hours, I would receive the induction drugs. Well of course, we didn’t want that! So IP’s were kicked out and on the table I went for an internal. And I must say, it felt like she was up there FOREVER! Stretching, separating, twisting and circling! It certainly wasn’t uncomfortable but not a pleasant thing either. She commented that I was 5cm and my membranes were pretty much bulging out of my cervix like a water balloon!

Off I went home with lots of uncomfy feelings. Cramping, spotting and aching. I asked mum to come over just in case things happened overnight. She said her bags were already packed! I had a shocking sleep and was awake from 12 till 4.30am. I was restless, crampy and had a small contraction here and there but apart from that- nothing. I bounced on the fitball, cleared my bowels and was able to get back to sleep. I woke up and helped hubby get the kids ready for childcare and instead of staying up to have something to eat, I went back to bed. I ended up getting about 2.5 hours of much needed and appreciated sleep!

At 10am (Wed morning) I woke up and found that hubby had decided to stay in and work from home. That turned out to be a good decision! I made us both some toast (with sprinkles- something I haven’t had since I was a kid!) and sat on the couch to eat it. At about 10.20am, I got my first contraction. It wasn’t a whopper but definitely let me know that something was happening. 7 minutes later I got another. 5 minutes later another. Then 3 minutes later, another! Needless to say, I jumped off the couch and made a beeline for the shower! Contractions were coming all through my shower at about 3 minutes apart and lasting 30-45 seconds. I shouted for hubby and barked instructions at him for what we needed to bring (“DONT FORGET THE COLOSTRUM!!!) and he packed the car. I had a gentle but sneaky feel inside my vagina and there were my waters- just there, inside! I was sure they were about to imminently break as they were bulging so much! I couldn’t feel my cervix because that big bulge was in the way!

Just before 11am, I made a call to the midwife, S. The call went like this:
S: Hi there, Renee!
Me: Its on. Contractions 3 mins apart lasting 30-45 seconds. I am going to come in now.
S: That sounds fine.
Me: Ok, I am going now, another contraction is coming.
And I hung up. The call lasted 38 seconds!

So in the car we went and we called IM. Twice. No answer! This was unusual as she would normally take our calls on the first ring! That’s okay, so we called IF instead. He answered and I told him we were on and to safely make his way to the hospital and rustle up IM in the meantime. Hubby had to take some back streets to bypass some roadworks, so things were a little bumpy. No bursting of waters yet though! Got to the hosp at about 11.15am and had a giggle at the look on a lady’s face as hubby shouted “hold the lift, my wife is in labour!”.

The lift doors opened into the foyer and maternity emergency department. We had to walk past lots of people to get to the Family Birthing Centre. Thats when the emotion hit me. I was going to have a baby as a surrogate for another couple! I stopped hubby and we cuddled in the middle of everything, me having a sob, a snort and a laugh all at the same time as I attempted (badly) to compose myself. I continued my snorting, sobbing and laughing as we passed through a crowd of about 30- all of whom it felt like were staring at me!

OK, I am going to PART 2 this now so I don’t lose everything.

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