I arrived at the Family Birth Centre and there was S, our midwife waiting for us. She gave me a cuddle and told me she was so excited that she was assisting us through this birth. She also said that EVERYONE gets emotional coming into the hospital and that I should feel in no way embarrassed at snorting, sobbing and laughing my way through there! She said others have vomited, lost their bladder/bowels/waters, so those walls and floors had seen EVERYTHING.

We got into the room and put our stuff down. S told me to just “do what comes naturally” and she would assess me. She watched a couple of contractions, made some notes and then put the portable doppler on me to hear the HB. All looked fine. I had my earbuds in and music playing when IF arrived at about 11.45am (for those playing at home, my playlist had everything from classical Bond to Metallica!). I was still timing contractions, which were pretty stable at 2-3 mins apart, lasting about 40 seconds. Must have been about 12 when IM arrived. I was pacing, pacing, pacing. Breathing through contractions, as well as instant messaging my sisters to keep them up to date, texting my parents and updating my online Due in Group about what was happening. I was bopping away to the music and singing the occasional word here and there. Things were relatively cruisy and I was just waiting for things to ramp up a bit as I remember from previous births.

Just before 1pm, I felt like I was flatlining. I wasn’t progressing. I also felt like I was in a zoo with everyone watching, staring, waiting. Hubby was brilliant, telling me to release my jaw, letting me hug him when I needed to and offering me sips of water. S was still monitoring me off and on through contractions with the doppler and IM and IF were sitting on the couch. Trying not to be a distraction. BUT I knew they were all there and as much as I tried, I couldn’t help but feel the pressure and enormity of what was to come. So what did I do?! I escaped to the loo! I was in there for a while. I again cleared my bowels and had some contractions. When I had finished, I called for S. I told her what I was feeling about plateauing and asked for a plan of action. She asked if I wanted an internal to see how I was progressing. I said yes. She asked if I wanted my waters broken to see if things would start moving. I said lets just see how the internal goes first. She said she would ask IP’s to leave so it would just be us (and hubby) and I felt like that was the right move to make.

So up on the bed I went and got checked out. I was at least 7cm but that big bulgy bag of waters was in the way! It was S recommendation to break them and at that stage, I definitely agreed. So pop they went and SO much liquid came out! More than I had anticipated! We had a laugh about me wetting through the waterproof matt underneath me! Waters were clear so no sign of bubs in distress which was good. I was monitored on the bed again for a couple of minutes and my little passenger had a great HB, so I was allowed to walk around again. At that stage, I didn’t feel like wearing pants, so laboured in a tank top and knickers and a massive pad the size of a mattress to soak up any residual fluids. IP’s were allowed back in. S warned me that the next few contractions would likely be big ones as bubs no longer had that cushion of waters separating them from my cervix. She was right! No longer just breathing, I was now vocalising through them, squeezing hubbys hand and no longer able to stand up when they were coming. I needed more support, so moved to kneeling on the floor with my arms and head leaning on the bed. Hubby was to my left with his arms around me so I could squeeze both of his hands. S was to my right, discretely checking up on me, recording contractions and checking bubs HB. IP’s were still on the couch, wanting me to have some privacy on the other side of the bed but still supporting me- I could feel the energy in the room!

I felt a change, a transition as things ramped up. I now had to really focus on my visualisations, thinking about bubs coming down, imagining my cervix opening, telling myself that the pain was “good pain” with a reason and that bubs would be here soon. I was making primal noises, grunts, groans and the like. I couldn’t control it, so I knew it was right. I remember saying “I am hot” and hubby placing cold facewashers on the back of my neck. They definitely helped a LOT!

Please proceed to part 3. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200…


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