Ok, so lots of pushing is now going on. Knickers have come off! Lots of vocalising and squeezing of hubbys hand. I could feel bubs pressing against my pelvis, but I just couldn’t get enough grunt to get him through. I remember saying “he is not coming” and S telling me that we don’t want him to come fast and that I am doing a brilliant job. So a few more contractions passed and I could feel the “in and out” sensation of progression. At this stage, S asked me to stop vocalising and channel all of my energy into pushing. A few almighty contractions later, I felt him move from my uterus into my vagina. S told me that it was time to get in another midwife (standard procedure for backup if needed) and bubs would be coming very soon. The other midwife came in but I can barely remember her, let alone her name!

At some stage, IP’s came over and were positioned behind me. I remember saying “ok guys, come watch your baby being born” and hubby whispered in my ear “don’t worry babe, they are already here”.

The “ring of fire” as his head started to come out of my vagina was next. I had to stop pushing and focus on panting (that is so freakin hard!) and then pop- his head was out. I didn’t realise it at this stage, but hubby took a photo. THE most AMAZING photo ever of this squished up face coming out of me. It was unbelievable and something I will cherish and I am so glad that he took. “One more push and he will be here” said S. I waited for the next contraction and out he came. To the strains of Hunters and Collectors “Throw your arms around me” and Christina Perry’s “1000 years” my passenger was born.

Welcome to the world, Ethan Aodhan!

At 1.57pm he was born. 3 hours, 40 minutes after contractions started and 1 hour after waters were broken.

As he came out, Ethan was a little tangled in his cord, it was around his leg and under his arm, so S did a little spin and twist and he was handed to IM who knelt down behind me. The energy in the room was electric. It was so emotional. I had done it! I had birthed a little baby boy for a couple who so deserved it. IM was just saying “thank you, thank you”. I was crying with relief and S even said she was emotional too! Having Ethan go straight to his parents was such a normal and natural feeling. I couldn’t see much of what was going on behind me but I didn’t need to. I could feel it. It was such an amazing feeling that I am having trouble articulating it into words and am still emotional just trying to type it! IF cut the cord and IM bought him around to show me. He was so much smaller than I anticipated! I was expecting a big, fat Gestational Diabetes baby that everyone tells you will be huge! lol

IP’s took bubba over to the couch so IM could have skin to skin contact and try to establish breast feeding.

I looked down at the mat below me and immediately I knew that something was a little amiss. I saw much more blood than I remember after previous births.
The midwives got me onto the bed and my body started to go into shock. I was cold, shivering and had the shakes. Although hoping for a natural 3rd stage of birth with no hormones, it was decided that I needed to have the jab to bring on the placenta sooner rather than later. I gave a push and felt something come out. “That’s not the placenta” I remember saying. I was right. It was quite a big blood clot. I was given another jab of hormones and S pressed on my stomach. It was excruciatingly painful! I pushed and the placenta came out. IT WAS HUGE!! S estimated about 30-40% bigger than the standard. Not sure why it was that big! It was thick with lots of vessels- no wonder bubs didn’t want to come out! It was checked over and appeared to be intact.

A couple of minutes later, S came over to check me again and immediately went back to the other midwife and I heard the term “PPH”. I knew what that was- Post Partum Haemorrhage. Damn it…

That’s all from me tonight. Stay tuned for the remainder tomorrow.

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