S came over to me and whispered in my ear. She said that she wanted a doctor to come and assess my bleeding and that she would be sending IP’s to their own private room while this happened. I said to her “I heard what you said, I know what that means and I think thats a good idea”. So off they went.

I remember most of what happened over the next couple of hours, although the sequence is a bit sketchy. I was given a dose of morphine to cope with the pain of passing the clots. They just kept coming. My stomach was being pressed on to try and expel them and the pain was agonising, I was screaming out and writhing. It was worse than the bloody birth! The doctors wanted to stitch up a tear that I had as they wanted to make sure it wasn’t contributing to the bleed. I called my mum and asked if she could come in as I needed her support and I could tell that hubby was getting worried and putting on a brave face. He could see more than I could and my screaming was hard for him to hear.

Mum arrived to a pretty awful sight… I was pushed down to the bottom of the bed, legs in stirrups getting my vaginal tear stitched up. A urinary catheter was inserted. To my left was a midwife inserting a catheter into a vein in my arm and to my right, another midwife was (unsuccessfully) trying to put another into my hand. It ended up going into my inner elbow instead after what felt like 100 attempts later! My veins were hard to find because of the blood loss and shock. I was told a trip to theatre to stop the blood flow was necessary.

At one stage, IP’s asked for an update but another midwife who was unfamilliar with our circumstances told them that they weren’t allowed to know anything! They were beside themselves! Hubby went across to quickly fill them in and in that couple of minutes, my blood loss had gone from 1300ml to just under 2L (in comparison, I lost about 250ml with our first and 600ml after the twins). They kept calling doctors in, there was an anaesthetist prepping me, another nurse asking pre theatre questions. I think at one stage there were 3 doctors, 1 anaesthetist, 4 midwives and someone else. They were weighing all of the blood to calculate what I had lost and I was having lots of fluids and drugs pumped into me from all sides. The placenta was checked again and again for any sign of something possibly being retained. Still they were pressing, pressing, pressing on me all the time to try and get those clots out and stop the bleeding.

I was told in no uncertain circumstances that my body had about 10 minutes to stop the bleeding or I would be in theatre and require blood transfusions. Throughout all of this I tried to stay as calm as possible. I knew what was going on and what they were doing. I think they knew this, so started whispering around me! lol This happened over a few hours but I think that I only felt scared for about 10 minutes.

The relief was overwhelming when I was told that the bleeding had FINALLY stopped and I didn’t need surgery. Although I was prepared to go through with it, it wasn’t something that I really wanted! I was on 15 minute uterus “massage” and obs and was finally allowed something to eat at about 6pm. I was starving. After I had eaten, I REALLY wanted to see IP’s and Ethan! They bought him over and I got to have some cuddles (that’s the image you see on the announcement post). They were so worried about me but I hope I managed to reassure them somewhat!

It was in that time that I had to make a tough decision. Because of all of the meds and the blood loss, S spoke to me about taking meds to suppress my milk supply. It pained me to make the call to take the meds but it really was the right decision. I didn’t want to be expressing with everything that had gone on and had been pumped into me and then Ethan having that. IP’s were so great about it and reassured me that all of the colostrum I had given them so far was more than enough for him, so that made me feel a little better.

I was allowed to shower at about 8pm and at 9pm was moved up to the ward for the night.

Geez, this birth story is like a novel!

Ethan Aodhan
Born 1.57pm Wednesday 26th November 2014
3.71kg (8lb, 3oz) (Biggest bubba I have birthed!)
50cm in length
35.5cm head circumference


Part 5 is coming and I promise, it gets a little lighter from here!

9 thoughts on “BIRTH STORY- Part 4

  1. wow. you’re awesome. i love how calm you seemed to stay through the scary stuff and how accepting you are of things going how they did and prompting you to make certain choices that weren’t necessarily what you hoped for. hopefully one day all women will be aware and educated enough that they can experience birth as rationally and gracefully as you did.

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